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the world of FFXIV

All these dx12 comments are stupid. Go play a flight simulator if you’re all that butthurt over it. Im more interested in that bard gear than shiny floors :I

Me and my two GTX 780Ti’s are ready! just looked at your profile. You’re obsessed with that GFX card haha.  I am running a 760 in my rig i built last year but I put a 960 in my husbands. When i can afford it i plan on upgrading mine and dueling it and getting a second to buy cheap FFXIV Gil .

My GTX 980’s are ready too, but I think I’ll get some TitanX’s anyway.  Here I am running a r9 280x. Still I am ready to go! Squre Enix has supremacy in their ability to create magnificent project.  I assume the maps and navigation still sucks. The only thing I can complain about cheap FFXIV Gil.

Yes I am used to the City my race starts at, but it took a while just to know where to go. Unlike WoW which has made everything clear, I found it to be mess in FFXIV.

Doesn’t really matter much. I will return soon to the world of FFXIV.


heavens ward be released on the ps3

DLC cost for this is same as buying a new game, ouch is all I can say. That’s because it isn’t DLC you seem to be new to MMOS the expansion nearly always have the same or more content as the vanilla game.

I am ‘new’ as in 20 years ‘new’ FFXIV Gil
Not every exapnsion has had ‘same or more content’ than the vanilla game, but not every expansion cost this much at launch.  I think ps3 is losing support when heavenswards released, better get that ps4 son or pc.

Ive got a question will the heavens ward be released on the ps3 ?  I would stick to buy FFXIV Gil the digital CE download, but its not available on PS4 to UK yet either grrrr. Everyone is complaining about the price in the UK sure but Australia is getting shafted we have to buy A Realm Reborn again because they are only bringing the duel pack here and I have not seen a digital version yet for the ps4 UK is getting shafted by the price but at least you can get the collectors edition.

I’d buy it if they’d release a version without the statue. Shame. Buy the digital ce version, it’s all the same content, minus the physical stuff, that is when SE get off their asses and actually put the Digital CE for PS4 up for sale .

report dfo gold seller feature.

The best way to get rid of gold sellets is to enable a right click report gold seller feature. EVE Online had the same problem. Then they started to allow easy right click DFO Gold seller auto reporting by players and the gold (isk) sellers cleared up almost overnight. That is how you deal with gold sellers, by enabling easy right click reporting by players. I have an idea. Instead of banning them, have their character suddenly get teleported in a special room, full with very difficult monsters, and gain no experience, no gold, no NOTHING. No equips, nothing of the sort. If they die, their character is deleted and the IP is banned.

An excellent post and I know how you feel. People like that ruin the game for everyone. Don’t play this through TOR, people. I imagine that if its IPs haven’t been banned already cheap DFO Gold, they will be soon.

You guys are awesome Thank you so much for the service you’ve been providing us since the beginning.  This shows us that we have people who gives us what we love are human to. All professional bullcrap has a limit to when it’s not convincing. This is convincing.

Final Fantasy Xiv for Xbox 360

Excuse me know if you plan to get Final Fantasy X / X-2 Remaster for Xbox 360 consoles and Pc since I do not have a Ps3 nor Ps4 and have always loved the story of Tidus and Yuna. And really wanted to play this fabulous story on my Xbox 360. Still don’t get why it isn’t on PS3, its an upscaled PSP game.

Only reason I find is “just because” Should be PS3 and buy FFXIV Gil PS4.

I’m not getting a PS4 for a while yet, not till persona 5, FF15 and disgaea 5. Can anybody please tell me that it is coming for pc in english language?  I thought the camera blur was great from the trailer but actual gameplay made me dizzy. That could even kill cheap FFXIV Gil the whole game if there’s no setting to tone it down.  Square Enix, please fix the camera movement on Type-0. We don’t need blurry motion on camera movement. Please…

I am pretty sure the HD in this game stands for “Huge disappointment” the graphics seriously feel like ps2. The ATB is sluggish and camera movements very shaky. Even voice acting feels rushed. I am a massive FF fan and Squeenix fan, but this feels like a massive waste of cash. Also why remove the multiplayer for ps4 version? I feel so damn cheated, first time I’ve ever felt this way about a final fantasy game (granted i never wasted the money on crisis core) Super bummed out. Super disappointed. Super terrible game.