Final Fantasy Xiv for Xbox 360

Excuse me know if you plan to get Final Fantasy X / X-2 Remaster for Xbox 360 consoles and Pc since I do not have a Ps3 nor Ps4 and have always loved the story of Tidus and Yuna. And really wanted to play this fabulous story on my Xbox 360. Still don’t get why it isn’t on PS3, its an upscaled PSP game.

Only reason I find is “just because” Should be PS3 and buy FFXIV Gil PS4.

I’m not getting a PS4 for a while yet, not till persona 5, FF15 and disgaea 5. Can anybody please tell me that it is coming for pc in english language?  I thought the camera blur was great from the trailer but actual gameplay made me dizzy. That could even kill cheap FFXIV Gil the whole game if there’s no setting to tone it down.  Square Enix, please fix the camera movement on Type-0. We don’t need blurry motion on camera movement. Please…

I am pretty sure the HD in this game stands for “Huge disappointment” the graphics seriously feel like ps2. The ATB is sluggish and camera movements very shaky. Even voice acting feels rushed. I am a massive FF fan and Squeenix fan, but this feels like a massive waste of cash. Also why remove the multiplayer for ps4 version? I feel so damn cheated, first time I’ve ever felt this way about a final fantasy game (granted i never wasted the money on crisis core) Super bummed out. Super disappointed. Super terrible game.


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