report dfo gold seller feature.

The best way to get rid of gold sellets is to enable a right click report gold seller feature. EVE Online had the same problem. Then they started to allow easy right click DFO Gold seller auto reporting by players and the gold (isk) sellers cleared up almost overnight. That is how you deal with gold sellers, by enabling easy right click reporting by players. I have an idea. Instead of banning them, have their character suddenly get teleported in a special room, full with very difficult monsters, and gain no experience, no gold, no NOTHING. No equips, nothing of the sort. If they die, their character is deleted and the IP is banned.

An excellent post and I know how you feel. People like that ruin the game for everyone. Don’t play this through TOR, people. I imagine that if its IPs haven’t been banned already cheap DFO Gold, they will be soon.

You guys are awesome Thank you so much for the service you’ve been providing us since the beginning.  This shows us that we have people who gives us what we love are human to. All professional bullcrap has a limit to when it’s not convincing. This is convincing.


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