heavens ward be released on the ps3

DLC cost for this is same as buying a new game, ouch is all I can say. That’s because it isn’t DLC you seem to be new to MMOS the expansion nearly always have the same or more content as the vanilla game.

I am ‘new’ as in 20 years ‘new’ FFXIV Gil
Not every exapnsion has had ‘same or more content’ than the vanilla game, but not every expansion cost this much at launch.  I think ps3 is losing support when heavenswards released, better get that ps4 son or pc.

Ive got a question will the heavens ward be released on the ps3 ?  I would stick to buy FFXIV Gil the digital CE download, but its not available on PS4 to UK yet either grrrr. Everyone is complaining about the price in the UK sure but Australia is getting shafted we have to buy A Realm Reborn again because they are only bringing the duel pack here and I have not seen a digital version yet for the ps4 UK is getting shafted by the price but at least you can get the collectors edition.

I’d buy it if they’d release a version without the statue. Shame. Buy the digital ce version, it’s all the same content, minus the physical stuff, that is when SE get off their asses and actually put the Digital CE for PS4 up for sale .


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