the world of FFXIV

All these dx12 comments are stupid. Go play a flight simulator if you’re all that butthurt over it. Im more interested in that bard gear than shiny floors :I

Me and my two GTX 780Ti’s are ready! just looked at your profile. You’re obsessed with that GFX card haha.  I am running a 760 in my rig i built last year but I put a 960 in my husbands. When i can afford it i plan on upgrading mine and dueling it and getting a second to buy cheap FFXIV Gil .

My GTX 980’s are ready too, but I think I’ll get some TitanX’s anyway.  Here I am running a r9 280x. Still I am ready to go! Squre Enix has supremacy in their ability to create magnificent project.  I assume the maps and navigation still sucks. The only thing I can complain about cheap FFXIV Gil.

Yes I am used to the City my race starts at, but it took a while just to know where to go. Unlike WoW which has made everything clear, I found it to be mess in FFXIV.

Doesn’t really matter much. I will return soon to the world of FFXIV.


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