FFXIV Damage and MP consumption

Being from 1.0 since beta than release. The direction and improvement in this game is second to no other. Im glad i got to see it from the very ground up. It feels like it was just put together at the last moment. buy FFXIV gil Excited about the expansion, but this trailer is meh…
I realy hope ur story gonan continue as good as in reborn, i cryed my eyes out in the story, Realy Well done! So when are we getting this server overcrowding fixed buy FFXIV Gil ? Didn’t know we pay a monthly to be constantly kicked out because the server is over full. Machinist, Dark Knight, and Astrologian are three new classes exclusive to FFXIV:Heavensward 3.0; new mechanics on dpsing, establishing and keeping agro via Damage and MP consumption, and new dynamics on healing with the option of being a “Buff” healer or “Straight up” Healer. FFXIV gil With release on 6/23/15 bond know the story of each new class, but it’ll be long since level cap is increased from cheap FFXIV Gil 50 to 60. I can’t wait to take my hand at Dark Knight personally.
Those feels. Why did it make me relive the most heart-wrenching part of the ending in higher quality graphics? T_T
Omg…. I have not yet finished the main story…. I shouldn’t have watched that trailer!! Oo
Interesting, not one mention of the Scions in this trailer. I guess they’re story explained would be a much bigger spoiler.

“Opening movie”? Yeah right. Seemed more like a “trailer”. This people only lie and lie and lie. I am glad I will save my money. Awful game anyway. if you go into the expansion does it come with a level boost so we can start playing the new stuff immediately?


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