how to get FFXIV flying mounts

If i had to choose, then the sky-whale Bizmarck mainly because he reminds me of Sin. i wonder… its time for shiva ramuh smn to be out? Since there are new primal coming cheap FFXIV Gil.
I think you are a bunch of WoW copying RIP OFF MERCHANTS…. First, you make people pay for the entire game, if they want to play it, FFXIV gil then they have to subscribe… which SHOULD cover ALL future content, then you drop an expansion and make them pay an upfront cost, of an ENTIRE NEW GAME, and call it an expansion.. .which SHOULD be already paid for by the millions you make already from the subscription fees….. This, is DAYLIGHT ROBERY!
Both because it should be a part of a storyline unless they made meeting a Primal is different in HW. I don’t know what Ravana is capable of, but unless it can match Bismark’s immense size or can produce a huge show of power, I’m going to have to choose Bismark.

Bismark! I hope they make it so flying mounts are involved cause a huge flying boss fight sounds exciting!!
Since yesterday I can not enter the game, the screen goes blank and you can only hear the music and you can only see the arrow on the screen, someone else Has this happened? I have a ps4.
Yay. buy FFXIV Gil More content I’ll never most likely see because I’m too inept to get into raiding in this game at all. And this is coming from someone who got into FFXI 1.0 and raided until Abyssea went live. And played WoW since July ’05 and raided current tier content until MoP before just kinda quitting altogether for a while.


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