I am runner-up ffxiv female hairstyle

With that said, I AM disappointed because I *really* liked the runner-up female hairstyle.. That one looks super rad.. Not too into the winning one..  I don’t think it’s so much that people were too lazy to read properly, but rnore so that the rules were amended later and done in such a way that it was muddled and confusing  FFXIV gils . Awful voting system:( and knowing that the winners were one of the 3″favorite/popular hairstyles” with more votes that were on the last page of all the entries in those forums …so all the last votes that people didn’t know were the legit one went to them frown emoticon well atleast they are cute drawings but judging by the visible votes from the forums they werent the winners.

I wonder, who would have won to Buy Cheap FFXIV Gil, if SE made the damn voting rules clear af .__. Well even if they were in the rules, it’s obvious people didn’t read as the later designs won which would mean people voted more than likely throughout. Why Did entry 16 not win??? Most likes and more unique… bleh… stuck with more of the boring same… Only the last vote cast by each person counted. It was clearly stated in ths contest rules.  It was clearly stated in rules that neglected to force upon accepting and make it very clear, the fault is on square enix for being lazy and using their broken forum when they could of used anything more efficient and I knew the rules, it’s still stupid. That’s bullshit. The female big ponytail one had the most votes. I checked after voting was already closed! You guys just chose one that’d be easier to make. We have too many mellow and short hairstyles. I’m so disappointed.

The rules for this were so muddled up, it only confused people, and from the sounf of it most people voted for something they didnt even want! And why state “orignals” when FF based ones got in? Whoever ran this contest needs to really learn how to run contests properly. A simple one time vote poll would have worked fine, and better.  I would love to use the winning male hairstyle on my female character. i liked it actually. the female one is adorable. WTF that’s not even a male Hairstyle! I’m so dissapointed!


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