more pvp player in Blade & Soul

Yea i have seen such games even they premium but people love to play that coz they got everything balanced i really like that game since im kinda more pvp player Buy Blade and Soul Gold .  Blade & Soul founders pack on sale till some time in January then? aiming for that masters my self and would like to no how much time i got if you could drop a reply thanks.  Blade & Soul question, the characters we already have are going to be delete? What about Name Reservation ? When it will begin ? Blade & Soul i purchase the Master Pack when you guys start selling it couple months ago and i made a toon the name i wanted was taken and i dont really know how you get your item i send couple email to support but they never respond to me. Preechanon Pipatanapanish Name reservation starts on January 11th Blade and Soul Gold .

thank you so much for replying do we have to send you guys what name we want or is first come first serve ? the 11th then….how exactly is the name reservation going to work is my question So with the founders pack the game is p2w before the game even drops?  I think people’s that buy founder pack should have One character to bring over. When the game releases. Riley Osborn yes because wardrobes are so pay to win lol you are eithera bad troll or have no idea what you are saying. what is in the founders packs do not make it p2w holy crap some of you people think every little freaking thing is p2w. Jan 11th is a monday… Hope the servers open before i gotta go to work, othewise I am going to be severely displeased.

One thing that will really sell this game to non-fans of F2P gaming, is better community chat censoring. That’s the only thing that really kills this kind of brand. I’d pay the monthly fee to play this game, but if it’s F2P, so be it. Just please, clean up the community before it even releases, and set an example— seeing that they game should’ve came out years ago— this should be part of the consideration already. lee block button to anyone you dislike in your chat will fix your problem.  And I like my games clean and non-toxic, with an extra hint of maturity and intellectual comedic sense that relates to in-game goings on. block them all and let others to read what they want to read. You are part of the problem with the world. Wanting everything to be censored just so your oh so sensitive little feelings won’t be hurt. And with the way you wrote that last comment, I’d say you should loosen your fedora too. Did you really just call me PC? You’re the problem with the world, jobless, settling for next best, so you complain when you don’t get something for free. GET A REAL JOB! And actually support the devs, instead of hoping everything would be free.


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