FFXIV Ramuh EX and Bismarck EX

Believe what you wish. SE aren’t giving the top tier weapons to non raiders at start until next raid tier approaches. They never ever, ever, will.. It doesn’t change the fact that the relics drops this month and they should be teasing their looks already like they did with Thordan’s weapons (And I hope my cane is not some kind of white Giantsgall cane with wings) Ya, I’m fine with that, 3.2 approaching soon, just Thordan hasn’t been out enough to make him relevant. SE don’t have a good history about keeping Primals relevant, see Ramuh EX and Bismarck EX (poor Bismarck, Cheap FFXIV Gil my favorite primal) Bismarck was a pointless add on, just a gate wall to a easier fight.

Rick Valentine Those are clearly the anima weapons for drk, ast, and mch. The weapon icons for all the anima weapons has already been datamined and those 3 showed up. Just started playing again forgot how amazing the graphics are on this game. Wish I had some friends that played though, there stuck on Wow.. oh well almost level 60 . Melissa Waldrup-Old There 2 ps4 FF14 themes on ps4. A realm reborn one and heavensward one. I downloaded both. Go have another look. If you bought your expansion through the PlayStation store it came with a theme. 2 different ones depending on if you bought the collectors edition or not I think. I for sure have one though because it is in use at the moment on my PS4. This was only if you bought it through the PS store, you got one for free. I havent checked to see if you can buy them buy themselves. My fiancee and I play this game together, we had to take a break because we just had a baby, I got in ok,but my fiancee tried to log in, and i have to say I am disappointed beyond belief at this company. Let me say that he has been playing this game for YEARS!! and got me in to this game. He spent YEARS developing his character. He logs in, can’t because he forgot his password tries to reset but guess what, for some reason his character DOES NOT EXIST. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN ? He spend the next two hours trying to figure out how this happened. What the HELL. You guys need to fix this ASAP because this is not how it should be! We have only be gone for 4 months!! I am so pissed. Blade and Soul Gold

If you’re dragging your ACTIVE friends away from FFXIV because you forgot your log in information, then you’re a lousy and selfish friend. Message the SE support team instead on complaining about it here. We don’t care about your selfish drama, get it sorted yourself through the right channels. It isn’t difficult to understand.


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