Blade and Soul doesn’t have the same amount of traffic

Cause PC master race? Jk. The real reason is because Blade and Soul doesn’t have the same amount of traffic as games like Warframe or other free to play games. They may make a console version although it’s unlikely seeing as they don’t even have a controller option at the moment. Another reason is blade and soul requires a lot of keys, and has a TON of UI BNS Gold, and that probably wouldn’t transfer over all that well. We’ll see though.

I’m fine here, already inside, Who know about names reservation? When it ‘ll be possible? I think, don’t quote me on this, name reservation will be January 11th. Not sure on the time. why when i logging in there are just blade & soul logo ,music and background video. how can i play?

Go unlock ur account with the beta key first at their homepage. If you have access to close Veda again will you receive a secondary email or do you need to re-log in to the website to see if your key is been reactivated? Buy Blade and Soul Gold After 15minutes of game got black screen, dont relaunched the game grin emoticon. pls! pls! pls! add japanese voice patch for we can use later T^T. Can anyone pm me a beta key, I need it for my best friend who wants to try it, he missed the giveaway … I am already in.

Enter the Blade & Soul Master Pack Sweepstakes for your chance at 1 of 15 Founder’s Packs! How about a sweepstakes with a gaming laptop that be awsooommeee only two games is this and bd………hook me . Was watching people play this on twitch and it has me wanting to buy a PC again lol.. Switched to console about 10 years ago and haven’t cared about not having one until now so great job on the game! Looks amazingly fun! Pass. They need WAY too much personal info to sign up. Not worth it. it’s prob because they are making sure u don’t already have a pack…. as it is 1 pack per person, per account. Has anyone actually seen the anime for this though? Like dang haha.


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