waiting for the Blade and Soul official launch

I am ready, but the NCSoft launcher says otherwise… E02018 while trying to repair files / launching the client. I’m stuck at the blade and soul screen with the dragon statue and it won’t load. I’m ready, but i dont know if i have a key u.u EDIT: I play in the CB4. I’m going to have withdrawals again waiting for the official launch after this ;/ Ohhh the Christmas clothes goodies are nice this time.

A serious question here. If i take my time and made great appearance character and save it…. will it be avaible when game start in january? Idk if they wipe out everything from our acc or just characters. They do wipe everything after the closed beta. Unless you buy the pack I believe . When you save your characters appearance it saves it as a photo so yes you can I’m like 90% positive since it would be saved inside of your cpu . Even if you buy the pack…. Every thing is taken away. However Buy Blade and Soul Gold …. If you save your appearance (with the save appearance option) it’ll save to your computer.

I’m not veteran from Korean servers tongue emoticon That’s why i rely on you guys. Have the servers gone down? Can’t log into Iksanun currently. I can not log into the game ! my game open. but I can not start playing is an animation with infinite background music. If I purchase an Initiate pack and want to upgrade to the Disciple pack, do I pay the difference between the two or full price of the Disciple pack? Ok so i’m having a problem i can’t properly login to my character instead everything is displaying #invalid, i already submitted a ticket but if anyone else experienced this and knows what to do please let me know cheap Blade & Soul Gold .

i didnt get any key since first cb :…( anyone have spare maybe ? Been ready for launch, so not gonna bother with this beta. QUICK QUESTION: Regarding name reservation, Capitalization should not matter right? so let’s say i take the name Chris, no one else should be able to take chris, or cHrIs, or whatever right? so capitalization should not matter in reservation right? I’m going to assume that the CBT isnt up yet? 1:13pm EST and I get no start button.


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