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Final Fantasy 7 on my Asus

Hopefully someone can help. i just bought ffxiv. ive always loved the ff series. but i’m stuck. i heard there was a story mode to this game. all im doing is running around doing quest like carry this letter or that. am i playing in the wrong place? is there a story mode that is set up like older ff games with bosses or am i running myself into circles. if someone can lead me in the right direction i would much appreciate it,

I just got Final Fantasy 7 on my Asus G751JY Gaming Laptop which happens to be one of the best gaming systems in the world. Now I can see how this game will work out on it. I am now only waiting for the Android version to come out for the Samsung Galaxy s6. hey can anyone help I downloaded the game on ps4 and it said no service account so that means I have no game time right… if I buy a game time card will that mean I can play again FFXIV Gils .

I saw the pic of the lalafell holding a new weapon. New job class? That lala is in the blm eso gear so likely just the blm weapon from the new Primal. Its the BLM anima relic weapon, Hvergelmir. Did it say 3.2 was the end of the storyline for heavenward………?

I can if I want to. It’s my first new year’s event. I expected something better, oh no. Waited over an hour for a fate to never pop. WTG square. Probably because your fate is a chain. Nope. This is the fate for the event. And it never popped. there’s like 6 locations go to do a different one lol Buy Blade and Soul Gold . Shouldnt they realistically pop in all locations tho? It pop for me every few mins for me plus u gotta activate it…I am sure you was camping the crystal? Lol you gotta go to the location.

We were at the location. Probably first day misfires, i got it today. Yay, monkey hats. Last year’s is on mogstation , the dress, boots, that. This year idk. It will probably be on mogstation but I don’t know when. So, starlight clothing is right now on Mogstation? Like the starlight tights for example? I NEED THOSE! Do you happen to know when they will remove these garments? I’m off to my hometown visiting my parents and I’m unable to log into Mogstation as I left my token at home.