guide for dungeon and pvp in BNS

Explain to me, how i play kinda well in field and lag + delay over 10 sec in dungeon and pvp ? What u say, if i can give you last version bot and tell how it work and how to detect? Customize and then craft your own clan outfits in the free Silverfrost Mountains expansion—out now! Would be nice if it wasnt something that costs 1000000g and a lot of effort to customize. At least I still love and wear the default clan costume.

And you are always complaining what ever it is, because you want to avoid to grind, which is what make MMORPG, MMORPG. Do you complaint also because a Ferrari is too expansive for you? Blade & Soul Gold Work more, maybe you will have one. This is all it’s about, BRAG. I will grind and have a great costume while you will be naked around. I am always complaining? I made a single comment about one single thing, it seems you are desperate to BRAG about how hard you wanna grind to look awesome. Good for you, buddy, I wont walk around naked, thanks, there are other cool costumes that also requires grind but wont cost me 1000000000g. Pathetic.

Emmanuel Di Magistris uhhmm your full of bullshit man i takes way to long to get a proper costume at least 3000g for a simple look And work more… some of uss have real life jobs Buy Blade and Soul Gold … and oh a life. Are you kidding? its nothing. We made donations mandatory to create the clan outfit its about 50g per person in total? (65 members).

Vera Oosterhof make donations > have your clan leader make outfit – he pics your most hated color and yeah… thats about it … you hate it and couldnt be paid enough to wear it smile emoticon The End.  And the best part is you CANT WEAR IT to open world PVP. Pointless except for normal PvE wear…


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