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I played Blade and Soul for a week

Personally I’m loving the idea of giving more gamers the ability to play together finally, it’s what we’ve all wanted for years since online gaming became a thing.Even if it still means you have to buy the different software for each platform, just the idea of being able to connect with a bigger player base than just restrictive as it is now i.e pc gamers with pc gamers, console X or Y with their respective counter parts, would be an awesome and welcomed experience.I really enjoy the fact I can login on FINAL FANTASY XIV and the community is made up of pc and console gamers on the same servers.

I would love to see things like Tom Clancy’s The Division, Need for Speed and plenty of the current existing multiplayer games go cross platform and cross network, heck even Blade & Soul has the option for gamepad game play…Maybe with this we could even see an end to EU/NA/whatever server separations and literally play together as a world community?  Joining a Free Company has definitely improved my fun factor, FFXIV Gil so that would be something I suggest. Beyond that, there is still a lot to do in the game. With four hours a day, you can do some Roulettes and Main Scenario Quests depending on what you feel like doing on any given day. I agree with the above commend that raids don’t take too long.

I played Blade and Soul for a week and found the story writing to be pretty bland. The itemization and crafting system also seemed pretty convoluted to me. Gonna repeat Jedah, but you can do raids with 4 hours a day. I had a nice static for awhile that literally do that on Saturdays and Sundays. We rarely went over time and sometimes went under. Progressed pretty well. 4 hours a day is plenty of time to do stuff in the game. There’s tons to do even if it’s not raiding. The game caters very well to casual players (myself included). Find a friendly FC and you’ll make new friends quickly. Buy Cheap FFXIV Gil What everyone else is saying. I only have 3 or so hours a day and more time on the weekends and I’m in a midcore static that meets 3x a week for raids plus I do all my dailies for capping lore and such. As long as you find a consistent group you should be fine smile emoticon try a helpful FC or small static.

Yes, find a FC that had personality rather than big numbers. You don’t have to raid to play this game, I know a few crafters who only craft and they get by just fine and find themselves constantly helping others and finding new friends along the way. Honestly? No. Unless you’re very social or VERY patient, the game will probably frustrate you endlessly. frown emoticon I know it’s driven me away repeatedly with its forced raids and strong focus on making ‘friends’. Well…my honest answer is no…if you have no friends and you cant raid…whats the point on end game? Grind for gear just for fun?this game is meant to play with friends and raid…


FFXIV duty finder

I miss my WHM but I’m always locked out of my account when I come back from a break. Not completely done with it though… just taking a longer break.. So they they finally changed and made more open world content . No more mind numbing dungeon spam for xp or poetics or w/e they called now are the worlds more social. Is the duty finder a thing of the past . Are there any monsters outside of instances you can kill like nm that drop unique armor . Nope will not resub paid for beta played 1.0 and alpha lived through 2.0 and 3.1 the game same crap over and over.

I can easily say that running around in a shooter game gets boring after awhile. Thats just the nature of the beast buy Blade and Soul Gold . Ive been subbed to ff14 since 2.0 launched. There were boring times, and there were fun times (SCOB-era.)

but hey, haven’t bought another game thats kept my interest as well as this game has. So you have decided not to sub anymore, so my question is why are you still following this Facebook page? Your negativity doesn’t really effect people too much because they really enjoy the game you clearly don’t. So if it’s a rant then ye I agree with Amelia Roxanne Greiner comment. Do yourself a favour and stop following this page, FFXIV Gil if you’re done then finish it. No hate or anything just…. Move on cause, we have.

Dan Lawlor nope there were mmo that made you explore challenging content . You were able to make friends and gain xp in a party aspect but all you young people don’t know what it is to work for stuff . Too bad nobody understands how great 11 was. And have no idea that nothing will ever come close to 11 or Everquest ever again. Casual gaming is destroying hardcore games. Why leave the page? It’s fun to see how many people waste their time playing this garbage game 14 has become.

FFXIVquests, gear, trial, event

You see, I would agree with you, if I wasn’t already giving Square $13 a month. The cash shop in this is perfectly fine, when it’s used for, say, old holiday items that can be otherwise gotten for free, if you’d been subscribed at the time. But it’s ridiculous to ask us for more money for something that has no reason to not be obtainable in-game. FFXIV Gil Where does it end? New gear? Exclusive cash shop quests? Maybe a exclusive cash shop trial? Want to do the special FFXV event? Gotta buy an entry ticket from the cash shop for $5. No, when we’re already paying per month, and keep in mind, the existence of the subscription already keeps a fair amount of people away, the only other money they should have any right to ask for is for an expansion every two years or so.

So you’re bitching about an item that doesn’t affect the game. And trying to twist it asthough they’re going to make actual game content (quests, gear, trial, event) a thing? You’re an idiot. buy Blade and Soul Gold The whole point of the cash shop is for optional items that have no bearing on the game itself. You can still play through all of the game content. You’re making an assumption on something with no validity. You pay your subscription for the game, not the optional glamour related items. And no, the event items are no longer available to be gotten for free, thus why they are in the cash shop.

The subscription keeps away the trash, and funds the game. Free to play is not the way to go. And if it was free to play, then the mogstation would be full of things you HAVE to buy in order to do anything in game. Though from your so called “reasons” I doubt you’d actually understand.
So please, feel free to leave. You won’t be missed

Fighting with your FC

The Zu hardly counts since it’s obtained from exploretary missions. So unless you have control over that or win a FC lotto, good luck getting that. They should have another way to get it without having to fight with other people for it. Like an event.  then just play seasonal when the game update more contents. Why do people burn out so quickly, If you are smart about saving, then just wait until the content fill up then play the year worth of updates in one month.

Kona Zumi 5 mill is a LOT of people that don’t craft. There should be non-crafting ways AND non-combat ways to get stuff like the Zu. Non-combat is obviously just buying it with gil. FFXIV Gil Fighting with your FC over who gets the item when it appears isn’t ideal. It should be a boss drop or event item. It is not mandatory in the least in order to play to game to it’s full extent. Boo hoo that there is a luxury you want that you don’t want to pay for. At least this cash shop sells only optional things and is easy to avoid unless you REALLY want that mount/accessory/outfit. In many F2P games, the cash shop is much harder to avoid, even for something as basic as having an alt, or all the cool costume parts, or being able to hold more than a few items in your bag.

I do agree with the point of not making stuff cash shop only,. especially if I am paying a monthly fee. buy Blade and Soul Gold The problem I have with exclusive cash shop items is the more people buy, the more will be put there. It won’t be long before what’s in their begins to really creep into game effecting play. People have different opinions, but mine is that as I’m already paying a sub I should be able to obtain everything in game. I don’t mind past event items being available for people who wish to pay to catch up, but not brand new things.

Another mount you have to buy to have, no in-game way to get it? This is disgusting, SquareEnix, considering we’re paying to play the game. Do shut up. Don’t like it, don’t buy it. It’s an OPTIONAL item that has no effect on the game play. It’s like a costume/re skin DLC for any other game. What’s disgusting is that you expect everything for free because you feel entitled. You’re paying to PLAY THE GAME like you said. The mount does not stop you from doing that, so play the game and don’t buy the mount.