FFXIVquests, gear, trial, event

You see, I would agree with you, if I wasn’t already giving Square $13 a month. The cash shop in this is perfectly fine, when it’s used for, say, old holiday items that can be otherwise gotten for free, if you’d been subscribed at the time. But it’s ridiculous to ask us for more money for something that has no reason to not be obtainable in-game. FFXIV Gil Where does it end? New gear? Exclusive cash shop quests? Maybe a exclusive cash shop trial? Want to do the special FFXV event? Gotta buy an entry ticket from the cash shop for $5. No, when we’re already paying per month, and keep in mind, the existence of the subscription already keeps a fair amount of people away, the only other money they should have any right to ask for is for an expansion every two years or so.

So you’re bitching about an item that doesn’t affect the game. And trying to twist it asthough they’re going to make actual game content (quests, gear, trial, event) a thing? You’re an idiot. buy Blade and Soul Gold The whole point of the cash shop is for optional items that have no bearing on the game itself. You can still play through all of the game content. You’re making an assumption on something with no validity. You pay your subscription for the game, not the optional glamour related items. And no, the event items are no longer available to be gotten for free, thus why they are in the cash shop.

The subscription keeps away the trash, and funds the game. Free to play is not the way to go. And if it was free to play, then the mogstation would be full of things you HAVE to buy in order to do anything in game. Though from your so called “reasons” I doubt you’d actually understand.
So please, feel free to leave. You won’t be missed


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