Fighting with your FC

The Zu hardly counts since it’s obtained from exploretary missions. So unless you have control over that or win a FC lotto, good luck getting that. They should have another way to get it without having to fight with other people for it. Like an event.  then just play seasonal when the game update more contents. Why do people burn out so quickly, If you are smart about saving, then just wait until the content fill up then play the year worth of updates in one month.

Kona Zumi 5 mill is a LOT of people that don’t craft. There should be non-crafting ways AND non-combat ways to get stuff like the Zu. Non-combat is obviously just buying it with gil. FFXIV Gil Fighting with your FC over who gets the item when it appears isn’t ideal. It should be a boss drop or event item. It is not mandatory in the least in order to play to game to it’s full extent. Boo hoo that there is a luxury you want that you don’t want to pay for. At least this cash shop sells only optional things and is easy to avoid unless you REALLY want that mount/accessory/outfit. In many F2P games, the cash shop is much harder to avoid, even for something as basic as having an alt, or all the cool costume parts, or being able to hold more than a few items in your bag.

I do agree with the point of not making stuff cash shop only,. especially if I am paying a monthly fee. buy Blade and Soul Gold The problem I have with exclusive cash shop items is the more people buy, the more will be put there. It won’t be long before what’s in their begins to really creep into game effecting play. People have different opinions, but mine is that as I’m already paying a sub I should be able to obtain everything in game. I don’t mind past event items being available for people who wish to pay to catch up, but not brand new things.

Another mount you have to buy to have, no in-game way to get it? This is disgusting, SquareEnix, considering we’re paying to play the game. Do shut up. Don’t like it, don’t buy it. It’s an OPTIONAL item that has no effect on the game play. It’s like a costume/re skin DLC for any other game. What’s disgusting is that you expect everything for free because you feel entitled. You’re paying to PLAY THE GAME like you said. The mount does not stop you from doing that, so play the game and don’t buy the mount.


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