FFXIV duty finder

I miss my WHM but I’m always locked out of my account when I come back from a break. Not completely done with it though… just taking a longer break.. So they they finally changed and made more open world content . No more mind numbing dungeon spam for xp or poetics or w/e they called now are the worlds more social. Is the duty finder a thing of the past . Are there any monsters outside of instances you can kill like nm that drop unique armor . Nope will not resub paid for beta played 1.0 and alpha lived through 2.0 and 3.1 the game same crap over and over.

I can easily say that running around in a shooter game gets boring after awhile. Thats just the nature of the beast buy Blade and Soul Gold . Ive been subbed to ff14 since 2.0 launched. There were boring times, and there were fun times (SCOB-era.)

but hey, haven’t bought another game thats kept my interest as well as this game has. So you have decided not to sub anymore, so my question is why are you still following this Facebook page? Your negativity doesn’t really effect people too much because they really enjoy the game you clearly don’t. So if it’s a rant then ye I agree with Amelia Roxanne Greiner comment. Do yourself a favour and stop following this page, FFXIV Gil if you’re done then finish it. No hate or anything just…. Move on cause, we have.

Dan Lawlor nope there were mmo that made you explore challenging content . You were able to make friends and gain xp in a party aspect but all you young people don’t know what it is to work for stuff . Too bad nobody understands how great 11 was. And have no idea that nothing will ever come close to 11 or Everquest ever again. Casual gaming is destroying hardcore games. Why leave the page? It’s fun to see how many people waste their time playing this garbage game 14 has become.


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