I played Blade and Soul for a week

Personally I’m loving the idea of giving more gamers the ability to play together finally, it’s what we’ve all wanted for years since online gaming became a thing.Even if it still means you have to buy the different software for each platform, just the idea of being able to connect with a bigger player base than just restrictive as it is now i.e pc gamers with pc gamers, console X or Y with their respective counter parts, would be an awesome and welcomed experience.I really enjoy the fact I can login on FINAL FANTASY XIV and the community is made up of pc and console gamers on the same servers.

I would love to see things like Tom Clancy’s The Division, Need for Speed and plenty of the current existing multiplayer games go cross platform and cross network, heck even Blade & Soul has the option for gamepad game play…Maybe with this we could even see an end to EU/NA/whatever server separations and literally play together as a world community?  Joining a Free Company has definitely improved my fun factor, FFXIV Gil so that would be something I suggest. Beyond that, there is still a lot to do in the game. With four hours a day, you can do some Roulettes and Main Scenario Quests depending on what you feel like doing on any given day. I agree with the above commend that raids don’t take too long.

I played Blade and Soul for a week and found the story writing to be pretty bland. The itemization and crafting system also seemed pretty convoluted to me. Gonna repeat Jedah, but you can do raids with 4 hours a day. I had a nice static for awhile that literally do that on Saturdays and Sundays. We rarely went over time and sometimes went under. Progressed pretty well. 4 hours a day is plenty of time to do stuff in the game. There’s tons to do even if it’s not raiding. The game caters very well to casual players (myself included). Find a friendly FC and you’ll make new friends quickly. Buy Cheap FFXIV Gil What everyone else is saying. I only have 3 or so hours a day and more time on the weekends and I’m in a midcore static that meets 3x a week for raids plus I do all my dailies for capping lore and such. As long as you find a consistent group you should be fine smile emoticon try a helpful FC or small static.

Yes, find a FC that had personality rather than big numbers. You don’t have to raid to play this game, I know a few crafters who only craft and they get by just fine and find themselves constantly helping others and finding new friends along the way. Honestly? No. Unless you’re very social or VERY patient, the game will probably frustrate you endlessly. frown emoticon I know it’s driven me away repeatedly with its forced raids and strong focus on making ‘friends’. Well…my honest answer is no…if you have no friends and you cant raid…whats the point on end game? Grind for gear just for fun?this game is meant to play with friends and raid…


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