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one-year anniversary of FFXIV Heavensward

Today marks the one-year anniversary of Heavensward! Thank you for joining us on this journey, adventurers! except for us who had early access. A year was on the 19th. You needed that early access just to get thru Mog quests. Early access was amazing. FFXIV Gil Christopher Wright By which we mean, with Early Access, you probably got through them just in time for Moogle beast tribe quests…

Grinding all the new classes that first night with everyone else in Eastern La Noscea was epic. Christopher Wright those moogle quests. I loved the gripping story it always brought me back every day and I was so excited to see what would happen next. I cannot wait for the next expansion! ARR was great, Heavensward was AMAZING! The Dragonsong War finale in 3.3 solidified this game as my top MMO ever, and my 2nd fav rpg of all time (under Chrono Trigger.) Epic game, epic story, so much fun! Thank you!

The cutscene just before fighting Nidhogg made us all look like complete badasses lol replayed it like 5 times. Lol definitely.Buy FFXIV Gil Then don’t even get me started on the actual Nidhogg fight or the scenes afterward… so many feels. I actually teared up lol. It’s so good. Oh and the music…. wow.

Yea they did way better with HW than ARR, even though both were fantastic.  I just came back to the game and just bought the expansion last weekend. I still haven’t made it to level 50 yet so I got plenty to keep me busy. And then 100 ish quests AT 50 to get you to the starting point of HW.Happy one year anniversary! I remember how excited I was and nervous all at the same time! Lol ☺️ amazing story! Even more amazing maps and jobs and music! Thank you SE!! And here’s to another year with you!


FFXIV FC headhunters

SE, how is it all the long hair style that stick through high collar body gears and the robe that stick through the chocobo’s body passed your quality check? The community was warned that long hairstyles and robes would have clipping issues, and requested them regardless. Thats how I wear my clothes actually with my hair sticking through my clothes so to me it makes alot of sense.

Housing was gone in 20 minutes on my server. What a joke. FC headhunters bought them all up to flip them for ridiculous prices. Fail system. What a waste of resources. FFXIV Gil This neighbourhood thing seems like a flop to me xD one of the reasons that keeps me away from the game is that no matter how hard I work I will probably never get a house and worked a hell of alot.

They need to rethink this neighbourhood idea, especially when they have content tied behind ow ing a house (guild stuff) Cheap FFXIV Gil.If you are making people pay monthly then you should at least make it so they have access to all your features instead of the daylight robbery that currently happens xD.

What content in the game is based on owning a house lol.  Do you not need a guild house first before you can get an airship? That was my understanding of it at least xD.Maybe if you guys would put a limit on houses an account can own…I worked so damn hard to try and get a house…but they were all gone. Weeping city was fun, till we got to the second boss, then everything went to hell and the group I was with gave up. Not saying it was bad, but I am saying that you should change the vote abandon option to allow the player(s) that said “yes” get removed from the duty to allow players who would help out join or something. I hate getting kicked out of raids or whatnot because of people who know the strategy, but don’t tell new people, resulting in multiple wipes before they ultimately win everyone over with their quitterness..