FFXIV Astrologian game play

1, it’s Astrologian, and #2, there are Exactly 100 quests from the moment you beat the lvl 50 Main Story Raid quest when you hit lvl 50. It’s essential story. This is a Story Driven MMO, if you don’t like story driven and just want pretty graphics with no real plot, play WoW.

I’m not going to lie the quests from realm reborn to heavensward are pretty long. However, FFXIV Gil it’s a very vital part of the story that leads into the next expansion. And it’s astrologian. Pls. This game isn’t even super Grindy compared to black desert. Like what? On top of that I also feel like newbies shouldn’t have it completely easy. If they got rid of the vital story and completely removed all those quests leading up into the next expansion you’ll be completely undergeared and under leveled. If you don’t like it then leave.

There’s this thing called build up….  It’s sooo sooo difficult to level… I don’t want to earn anything, Buy FFXIV Gil I just want to run around aimlessly like it’s an FPS and shoot at things…. ;( Dude, get over it. Put the time in, level, get to your goal and stop complaining. It’s supposed to be difficult, it’s an MMORPG.

Every expansion is anti climatic….only one…hasnt even played it. If you want to skip everything and be on the same level as veteran/seasoned players, I would suggest playing Destiny.  oh god, quit the belly aching and just do the quests, there are thousands of players that have, get over yourselves, you’re not special.


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