most expensive of the Final Fantasy

Also 11 is interesting but because of the early bird concept, I could have, but will never, play 11.And anyone thinking it is just normal and OKAY, and disagreeing with me, I think, are easy to decieve in life.

I think my money is wasted where it could have been enjoyed far more buying a simpler game. And now I have another game on my list that I’ve spend time on but will never get the platinum.Even customer service sucks, and when I played, FFXIV Gil I couldn’t for the love of my life find out how to for example affix materia that I made. And you can’t even farm fucking experience points by killing monsters.

Players aren’t helpful, this game sucks.  I’m fucking DONE! Please think of something new for gear other than the same old formula it’s getting old fast. Where did you go wrong, Square Enix? Making a title that is at the same time the most restricted gameplay and most expensive of the Final Fantasy?  Buy FFXIV Gil I see the same thing with gear looking the same. Anyone who’s played from start is saying the same thing. 3 dungeons for stones, 2 primals and 1 raid, and 1 group raid.

Want a Scooby Snack for ignoring the rest of the things they release? Sooooo, just another patch to grind and still in Alexander? I cannot login no matter what I do, I have reset my account password twice and yet when I try to login, it still says Login ID or PSW incorrect which is very frustrating, is there something going on with the networks.


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