Blade and Soul hard farming dungeons SOLO on low level

Quite easy dungeon, on the last boss, failure to pt invi will likely cause pt wipe. this dungeon now easy as hell, got huge nerf last update in KR, so we got nerfed version. The dungeon got nerfed, but it is not easy as hell. They only nerfed the damage you take when you fail the mechanic. It still is a one shot if you dont have 90k plus health.

Reducing accessory costs…..Is it Christmas or are you trying to steal my heart? Cause that already belongs to Poharan you can’t have it. However…….Blade and Soul Gold much love . Another upgrade material discount ? Might as well give everything out in a survey because what is the point of playing a game to progress anymore ? they have to reduce the cost coz its hard farming dungeons SOLO on low level…come on guyz…theres not much players on low levels now…pls be considerate…OR maybe best solution is SERVER MERGE..

also sort your instability out before you bring more content out that were just gonna DC in halfway through Blade & Soul. Many people have been complaining about such client issues since our alpha tests almost a year ago. Buy Blade and Soul Gold All they’ve ever done with such reports, is ignore them. Many people keep saying they quit due to poor performance compare to other games, but they just ignore all that too.

…stop spam farm and do better sytem for PvP like open world PvP or u will lose alot of community… This is a PvE focused game, with a bit of PvP sprinkled on it. They’d probably lose more players trying to force PvP onto people more, than if they removed PvP entirely. If you want a PvP focused experience, play another game.


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