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how to get FPS drops after Beluga Lagoon patch

The game is not optimized for higher end graphic cards especially Nvidia 900 series. You might be having some trouble if you’ve been upgrading your graphics card recently . It’s their job to keep things under control. Optimization is shittier than ever. It’s their job to keep things under control. Optimization is shittier than ever. i have a asus rog notebook with GTX 960m and i play with 60 yo 80 fps….. with high graphics…. sometime i play with 10 but it so rare to happen, maybe when i log into ZR…. check the settings in game and ur nvidia control panel… see ya.

Have 1080, still getting FPS drops after this patch. Rebecca Maldonado i have a gtx 900 series Cheap Blade and Soul Gold and have no fps issues whatsoever. Graphic card is important to check but check your CPU specs too people…Also having SSD set up helps with this game. I haven’t played in months, but the fps issues were still major problems back then also. I could not to Blackwyrm or the Terrors (back when that was the only major thing to farm with your faction) or 24 man dungeons for the life of me.

After I bought SSD and reinstalled my windows on it and also B&S to it and left everything else on HDD, Buy Blade and Soul Gold i had much faster loading screens and no more freeze for 10 mins (or client crash) in areas with mass populations. Did those bosses with still about 15-20 fps. Mind you i only have FX 8350 8 core for CPU and R9 380 for card so it’s not like i have anything super nice lol.If you have money to spend on expensive cards, i recommend investing in SSD also. For those who already do and still have fps issues and client freeze, idk what to tell ya :/ it really is on the optimization on NCSoft also…they really need to work on that.

Im playing FFXIV now o: i miss B&S but i dont have good memories from there so I wont be going back. What game you playing Jibrille Kriseis? Jibrille Kriseis aww FFXIV is a fun game too so hopefully u wont miss bns to much.


ffxi was fantastic

I love all of the people complaining about the price and the items. If you don’t like it, don’t pay for the stream and just watch it from a 3rd party. Get off your damn high horses. whoa another thing to pay for?! wow ffxiv is the most pointless mmo on the planet. such a shame considering ffxi was fan fucking tastic.  If you don’t play then why are you complaining? Yeah its steep but you get the stream, outfits, and a minion.

lm complaining because the previous mmo SE released was ground breaking. this game is a fucking joke. its an mmo you play solo theres no community at all. only thing any body cares about is screenshots and fucking glamour gear. Depends on how you play. buy FFXIV Gil I have an FC where we do a ton of things together along with a lot of friends in other FCs that help us out when it comes to raids and fates and hunts. So I guess my gaming experience has been a lot better then yours.Plenty of other people weren’t fans of the other mmo.

I mean I solo things for the fun of it… what parts are solo about this game Josh Arnold? FFXIV Gil the quests are pathetic too it tells you where to go who to talk to and you can warp to these places with no hassle. i guess thats cool for people who suck at video games though. I bet this guy wasn’t play the moogle quests, lol.

As to the triple-dipping… Some of the stuff I can understand, but yeah, the stuff that’s nearly as much as a full expansion? That one’s not cool. I’m okay with the marriage stuff, since that actually has the effect of giving cool stuff to up to 80 people, special clothing, mounts, there’s a whole huge package to be had there.