FFXIV Playerbase is fine

All they’d need to do is add a furnishing tab to the armoire. Anything we’ve used is already bound to us so that should be the requirement. Bound furnishings only in the armoire. That would help a ton. Kandis, the armoire is only for seasonal/event Cheap FFXIV Gil and certain class items, right? Then wouldn’t that only address the season gear? It still leaves us woefully unprepared to assess/address all other items. :/

It might hold us for now, though.not just seasonal or event stuff. You can also store class specific gear or one time gear you get from quests. If they tweaked it for furnishings then there should be no reason they couldn’t add the tab to hold bound furnishings. Even then if it’s only for holiday/event/ quest/unique furnishings it would give a chunk of room for people. FFXIV Gil Christmas stuff alone takes up about 20-25 slots on my retainer for the trees and Christmas lights from last year. Yeah, I know. I did say “certain class items”. Lol
What I meant by addressing season gear was any seasonal items/loot that are gear or furniture.

Though it’s a useful storage feature, most of the unique items in game cannot be stored, which is kinda counterproductive;and burns retainer space for people who glamor. Those that can be stored are listed here. Helpful if anyone wants a little clean up project!
Hopefully square will get around to increasing storage on retainers as well as the actual player inventory. As a fc crafter, it’s difficult to keep things on hand without paying for added retainers; especially since the fc chest is so limited. X.X. for now, have to create a dedicated furniture alt to hold it all.

Make an option to go f2p paying to barely play I had to quit a yr n some change ago, your player base would expand but f2p obviously would limit stuff like 1 char and like a business model like eso. Playerbase is fine. Don’t need more bots spamming. Only need one character anyway so that’s not a downside.


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