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FF14 EU Fan Fest is almost here

Now hearts will come out everytime I kiss you ;* How many people do still play this game? im playing the free trial atm but the chat seems kinda… dead.  Because everyone is chatting with their guild or linkshell or Discord. how many times do you need to do the “magic number” quest before you get the minion? I’d be excited if I could reinstall the game without getting download errors every time. Great, now I have to renew the membership and jump on right in the middle of Spring term. Christina Eir If you ever wanna start playing again now is good! Haha need to anywyays or house go bye bye. Yeah, friends free company. Large house too! Jay Hartkorn, Archibald Tassot it’s been a year since your short stint in FF.

Yeah I would play again but I cant afford it as usual. Must I have Heavensward expansion to be part of this? Buy FFXIV Gil You are so tempting me, I promised no more monthly subscription based services until Stormblood and then only FFXIV.  Should have a cute costume, otherwise everything like minion, emote, orc and vase is ok.  I specifically let my sub end three days ago so I could try and save money. The face you make when you see bae. Who here is wanting to return an there from UK an they need a code? Too bad there’s no new clothes but still cool anyways.

Fun fact, I still have the event quest from last year’s Valentione in my journal XD. Hello all final fantasy xiv lovers, I need your help. I have final fantasy xiv-the complete experience-on ps4, but the game is unable to download the patch files. If anyone else had this problem before, please tell me what to do; Cheap FFXIV Gil I want to play this game.they were advertising final fantasy xv and I knew something was wrong… Change your DNS servers to Googles. I had this issue on a couple of updates and it worked for me: Change the DNS servers on the ps4, my router, or both. I would like to die my hair like her’s and also the haircut is great!Simply beautiful and great game as well!! Never liked Valentine’s day but ill do the quest for the items .

Need that painting for my apartment. Blow kiss emote I’ve been trying to do you for days. Sad there’s no new clothes 😦 emote looks cool though. these events used to be so much better pair years ago. The EU Fan Fest is almost here! Check out the latest Developer’s Blog for recap videos of the Las Vegas and Tokyo Fan Festivals! idk about anyone else, but ‘spider webber’ sounds more like puppet master then either blue mage or samurai….