group up for World Boss in Blade & Soul

There’s no point in gaining class experience during leveling when most of your class-defining skill is locked in the near-cap levels and they boosted the story quest EXP to help people catch up.For people who are leveling alts for end-game, this insta-50 is useful as it cuts out the grind and allows them to do relevant content right off the bat. Also, Blade and Soul Gold the new training room DOES cover the basic rotations for each character quite extensively.

I love the insta-50. I enjoy a lot of classes but playing the story 7 times is a bit tiring. Plus if they’re not new to BnS then they have some idea how other classes work, just by watching what they do and working with them. If they’re new, they shouldn’t buy insta-50 anyway. Can this insta 50 room be accessed without being insta 50 character? Trove keys removed on last day :S, why would you do that? I’ts the best day to buy keys for us who invested in Trove Slots and didn’t get yet what we are looking for. It’s a nonsense. It is also the best day for you to sell them and make profit. Bad move there. I’m sad .

Yep nice but good news aside what about the Garena handling I’ve heard 2 countries will be able to play it in SEA in april. And btw I like that people are still not giving up on this game kudos to the team but yeah expecting more of optimization not for fps but the DL speed and patching speed don’t worry I got fiber but still can’t easily patch or download patches fast enough which I can do on other NA games. Abd El-Baky no plans for an oce server, time to move to NA. Im all about the pve,Buy Blade and Soul Gold new events and story line. so megh, couldnt care less about the pvp. pls ..reduce the loading .by entering on dungeon ang log in account..and give more freebies… and story. I been trying to play but just hives me some message saying, something went wrong with ncsoft.

Basically: “Pleasse keep giving us money becose someday you will have new content” …You are detroying the game, good luck blade&money. Omg Thank you u fcking producer we’ve been waiting for this for so so so so so fcking long. BTW !! make the game less lag with ppl group up for World Boss ! super lag gy, just so u know. Yess !! Insta lvl 50 on April 12 right ????? right ????? !!! Omg im gonna reinstall the game tonight. Btw , the website said that ” fresh new account ” Insta lvl 50… does it work on an account that already been playing for a couple monthz ??


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