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Secrets of the Stratus Hongmoon levels

There are 2 sets of levels. Your normal level and your Hongmoon level. You start leveling Hongmoon levels after you reach level 50. You get these points from Hongmoon levels. The gm was hongmoon lv 3 and changed to hongmoon lv 20. I am at hm12, my ap dropped from 755 to 705(before adding hongmoon point) does anyone experienced the same issue or was just my two at? Blade and Soul Gold They stated it to be hongmoon levels, you get hm levels after hitting the cap level (level 50) the xp bar switches from color and you will have a golden dragon symbol rather than grey so you can clearly see it is hm levels. If you are level 49 it only takes you to get to level 50 because at that moment you’ll become hm1 and each hm level gives 5 points.

The cap of hm levels is hm20 meaning 100 point is the maximum you can get to spend on Attack and Defense. I hope that I was able to clear things up for you. ^Your game makes me RAGE! I had to register, download, install the game. When it finally says I can play, I have to DOWNLOAD more crap that will take me 1 hour to download?

What the living did I just install, then? Please fix this update piece of garbage and make it where it says I can play… I CAN PLAY! Unless the waiting game is the game itself, in that case – no thank you. ^I’m sure that’s a common thing in mmo. You download client then download the patch. Blade & Soul i’m rather curious why don’t you guys make a verison for consoles i’m sure your guy’s player base would increase massively it’s just a thought. Buy Blade and Soul Gold I’m interested when I can make the male gunner, that new class but I still dont like the fantasy Chinese looking theme the entire world the blade and soul universe has goin on.

Lol yeah a Korean game is Chinese-looking theme. Sure. And please, don’t play this game just because there’s a class looks like Dante with guns. You will not get far, i promise . I go far in these type of games, trust me I may not be anything special but I usually hit a gold standard of decent, the problem is I have issues with the ethic cloths and environmental areas. BnS having Oriental style design is part of the reason I’m even interested in this game. Western style is boring to me. I don’t care much for western either, I life sci fi, cyber punk or steam punk.