Stormblood dungeons Cleric Stance

Well it depends, are you standing there doing nothing for a couple minutes at a time. Because if you are, that right there is your problem. Nothing is more irritating than a healer who either stands and does nothing for 80% of a run or one that doesn’t even take their weapon out until they have to heal. The opening is prime dps time. I like the idea of taking away cleric stance and just letting mages do damage but have reduction during PvP events.

you’re just not good enough then cheap Blade and Soul Gold . Theres absolutely no excuse for you to be not dpsing while everyone is topped off. If you’re either just standing there doing nothing for a good 3 minutes you’re not putting enough effort to make runs faster or if you just keep spamming and casting heals when theyre not needed (such as reapplying medica 2 when its still on 20s) just shows how bad you are at mp management. Cleric stance was added for a reason (both for solo and PvE content), don’t complain about how it needs to be removed when you just need to get good. Healers, especially WHM, put out crazy amounts of burst damage and the fact that you’re sitting there thinking ‘I’m a healer! I’m good at healing I don’t want to do those other things!’ is completely disappointing. Just saying, had about enough of healers complaining like this..

I like cleric stance, though. Juggling the two isn’t difficult- and if I was unable to DPS as a healer ( or DPS potency was significantly decreased ) I’d… “die” of boredom. I actually don’t mind seeing a healer help out with dps sometimes. If they do dumb that down a little, it wouldn’t be a huge deal. I play astro as a secondary and with decent dps in a dungeon you don’t really dps too much anyway since stuff dies so fast. Honestly healer dps is never really necessary if dps are good.. the only reason i feel that healers need to dps is for dungeons and to get through MSQ. I only feel bad for the sch T_T whm if the strongest healer and ast is the weakest when trying to dps so it will suck for sch to have cleric be removed. I always see whm/ast to b focused on healing only and sch to dps and shield when necessary.

I guess they removed the useless casting time on Esuna and CD for Cleric Stance on those skills. Yoshida said he does not like Cleric Stance has he did not expect it to change healers as DPS yet he would keep it. I feel conflicted as I read this, Brinden Jamison. On the one hand, the dungeon looks nice and the added flashiness of spells is exciting. On the other hand, I don’t know if I am happy or sad about the removal of Cleric stance. I don’t DPS as much as you do, so it won’t bug me so long as healer DPS is based on the Mind stat. I just don’t want them to nerf healer DPS potential altogether by removed Cleric stance. Also, all signs point to Esuna becoming an AoE!


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