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You should always try to be one step ahead of the scammers…

Do not open their attachments, because it is very likely that it is a keylogger. Do not click on the links they have given you as they can be hacksites…

Keep in mind that Mods and Jagex will NEVER ask Runescape members for their password and they never email you! Jagex only contacts you using in-game messaging service…

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Farmer100 safe wants to share runescape news with you

Due to free play, Runescape has always been an easy to pick up and play MMO, but it’s always looked rather dated.

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To be fair, Runescape is eleven years old now, but it has recently undergone some changes. The main difference is that now it’s running on HTML5.

That’s a huge change from its former reliance on Java…

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Is farmer100 legit for gamers?

With the development of the virtual game goods market, more and more online marketing websites are engaged in selling game gold. Farmer100 is no exception.

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