runescape should be improved

I get that, but never has Runescape been set up in such a way as for it to take us 2 hours to get from Lumbridge to Varrock, without the ability to run, and having to rest every 5 minutes besides. And frankly, if it was ever like that, I would quit.

And the armor above Bandos is powerful enough that if it did not degrade, the combat system would be  selling runescape accounts even more hugely unbalanced. Plus, its a money-sink, and we need more of those.

Hey, at least it is this:

BTS 58: More Lodestones

Instead of this:

BTS: 58 more Lodestones

What are you going to repair them with!? Hmm? How is it this hard for you to think straight. How hard is it to get 20 limestone bricks? 500 laws = wat, 90k? And last time I checked you could get most of the unique items with little to no effort.personally i wish jagex would make bane swords and stuff like that, give me more use for the ore i worked through a grand master quest for buying runescape gold, glacors will do for now.

They can’t run for as long, but the tutorial covers run and energy, so they know they have that ability before they even leave Lumbridge/Burthorpe. And what gear would they even be carrying? Bronze? If you’re seriously arguing this with me there’s something wrong with your concept of this game, and this game as it was.


expect for better graphics of runescape

Akka clearly sounds like an idiot, coming out of nowhere with his random bs comment. Especially bad when it’s not even related to the topic.

Do ll the lamps give same amount of xp, or whats the difference between each?
making them tradeable is VERY bad! First you make a rule against gambling or 2 trades and now you provoke 2 trades again because people start selling lamp pieces, first money then pieces. even if they don’t scam runescape accounts for sale it’s against the rules…
You have to change to remain relevant…people get used to it…it really isn’t much different better graphics,better music, the future of epic in depth quests. I been here since 2001 and have evolved with the game… not quite the same but In a lot of aspects it’s better

get free runescape God t-shirt


Although it is an old school t-shirt, we shouldn’t have to pay a 12 month subscription to get it. It is a little unfair to those who literally just bought 12 month for another thing ya’ll were doing cheap rs gold. I would really like to express how much I do not want to see micro-transactions coming back and many others on this thread seem to feel the same.

need held. i just made a account and made it member but when i try to login there stand: your account is not eligible to play this version of the game please try main game instead. please help

Could a moderator give me a yes/no answer on if they can make runescape money it possible to buy a 12 month subscription with your cellphone.

I really want this shirt so bad, and I so much money to spend on my cellphone.

It would be great if you could fix this Jagex.

So I’m guessing the shirt is for UK players only buy rs gold? I doubt they’ll ship me the shirt for free if I live somewhere in Asia.


Player Moderators

If you are in search of some of the most famous mages in RuneScape, walking a short way south from Draynor Village will lead you to the long bridge across the sea to the Wizards’ Tower.

There are a number of farms in the area and some nice forests for chopping down trees. There are also a few farming patches for members scattered about, including one in the shadows behind Draynor Manor – solely for the purpose of growing nightshade.

Diango, the legendary toyseller, offers possibly the most desirable merchandise in the whole of RuneScape: horses and dragon plates. Joining him in the market is a town crier, who is more than happy to explain the Rules of Conduct and the role of Player Moderators. cheap rs accounts

To the east of the town, quite heavily guarded, is a jail looked over by a watchtower. Lady Keli, the jail’s owner, specialises in less-than-legal imprisonments, so her cells are occasionally occupied by the nobility, whose families she intends to ransom them back to.

wildy plus free trade

As we know. A lot of ppl quit runescape when jagex removed wildy plus free trade. And a lot of people when jagex removed bounty hunter. So.if rs won’t bring widy n f trade back. Say gf to rs. Many ppl back to play. (I mean old players). Cos off the voteing. (I hate pking with ep ). Ep sucks. I had cheap runescape accounts 100 ep. And my loot was 110k. !!!! Wildy n f trade or quittttttttttt  I definately encourage yes voting, not as bad merching prices (99 prayer used to be 70m…) and actual loots from people (kill them with full dh and whip you wont get some bad statuette)
January 8, 2011 at 4

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