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Farmer100 complaints

Farmer100 complaints should be reviewed. Farmer100 complaints can be divided into two categories.

On the one hand, some are posted by customers who feel angry about farmer100 service. The primary reason is delivery delayed. Sometimes it is our fault as farmer100 live chat is off line so that you can not receive your virtual goods in the first time. While…

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Farmer100: Gamers should take care of themselves

If you have played games for a long time, you must be tired and feel uncomfortable. As gamers, you should take care of yourself. Body is the most important for everyone. Farmer100 reminds players: please pay more attention to your body, so that you will be able to have more enjoyment on rs farmer100

First, you should pay attention to cervical spondylosis. The cervical vertebrae are located at the top end of the vertebral column. It is small but very flexible and in a large segment of highest frequency, weight-bearing activities.

It is extremely susceptible to degeneration due to a variety of load, strain, or even traumatic. After the age of about 30, the situation starts getting worse. Excessive fatigue persisting in front computer may cause early degeneration of the cervical spine. Don’t underestimate the little section of cervical spondylosis, which is the hub for connecting the body and head. People feel in pain around the neck, and in severe cases with other diseases.

Then you should know eye disease is important. According to the hospital Ophthalmology experts said, because the image appears on the screen changing rapidly, people all eyes stare at the screen, make the eyes of excessive fatigue. It may cause myopia even lead to retinal detachment. Blindness may not happen since the experts just analyze the worst case. But the long-time playing game may cause eye fatigue, especially always staying up.

Farmer100 live chat hopes that players take good care of their eyes. Good luck!


Farmer100 shares runescape items

You know, there are many items in RuneScape. A way is to classify it to holiday items and non-holiday items. The rarer item you own, the more runescape money you can make. Farmer100 thinks a rare item is very valuable and expensive.

At first, Farmer100 live chat will talk about holiday items with you.

The first one is Pumpkins. Pumpkins were dropped on October 2001. They were the first holiday item to be released. It healed 14 healths, and was one bite.

The second one is Christmas Crackers. These were dropped on Christmas 2001 and had random colored party hats inside them and another random item out of the game. To get the contents out you had to use it on another player. One player got the party hat; the other player got the item.

The third one is Party Hats. These were inside Christmas Crackers. You can wear them on your head. They came in six different colors: Red, White, Blue, Purple, Yellow, and Green.

To be continued…


Farmer100 helps runescape Dungeoneering Training

RuneScape is one of the most famous MMORP games. Many players always ask farmer100 live chat about how to train their skill and make money. Today farmers on farmer100 are glad to share some experience on RuneScape Dungeoneering training. Hope it can be useful to you.

Training Dungeoneering is heavily dependent on other skills trained outside of Daemonheim. If you want to train it, you need travel to Daemonheim which is located at near level 11 wideness. You can take the ferry from either northwest of the Al Kharid bank, or southwest of the Taverley bank to the port on the eastern side of Daemonheim.

After you arriving Daemonheim, speak to the Dungeoneering tutor. The tutor will give you a Ring of Kinship, and he will also share some information to help you. Before you can enter Daemonheim, you need to bank all your items. So you need to speak to the Fremannik banker standing in front of the castle. When you enter the Daemonheim castle, you’d better to wear your Ring of Kinship. Here, you can form a party which can contain up to 5 players. The party can be created by select the ‘Form Party’ option on the Ring of Kinship. And you need to get players to join your party. When it has been formed, you can climb down the dungeon ladder.

You will find yourself in a room with various decorations and objects if you have climbed down. There are various kinds of food and equipment lying around. Take whatever you need, and equip any of the weapons or armor you find. Then, you can enter the dungeon rooms through any of the doors. You need to be careful for monsters will attack you. If you find some items that monsters have dropped, don’t hesitate to pick them up. The size of your party affects the number of rooms you will have to walk through. You need to continue through the rest of the catacomb-like dungeon and not to escape from a battle. Be sure to fight all the monsters you can, and once you defeat the boss monster, you can climb up the ladder at the end of the room to finish the raid.

Training skills takes a long time. If you don’t have time to train one, you can visit on website and get a good Runescape account. Such as rs farmer100, it provides the cheapest RuneScape accounts with high level skills.