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Farmer100 live chat and runescape mining skill

What’s your runescape mining skill level?

Farmer100 live chat and runescape mining skill.


Farmer100 shares how to train fast on runescape

If you are a runescape fan, but you still have to study or work. So you must be bored in training your Runescape account. It really takes a lot of time to get high level skills. But we still want to kick butt in the dual arena, don’t we? So is there any good way to make level up and have fun at the same time? It’s a question that a lot of runescape players face to. Farmer100 live chat shares some experience about woodcutting level up.

Register a runescape account on runescape official website and finish the tutorial. Then go to bob’s axes. Once out of the cellar, according to your compass and map, run down to bob’s axes, south of the lumbridge castle gate. Since you are level three, the druids will attack you, just sneak around them. Then go to varrock, head to the big bank. At there, you can begin to chop down trees then deposit the logs in your bank. In this way you can increase woodcutting skill easily.

Go to the grant exchange and sell your logs. Make sure to take them out of your bank as a note. After you get the money, store it in your bank. When you are level 15 woodcutting, buy a black hatchet, it will make woodcutting faster. Keep leveling up, to about level 10, then head to the grand exchange and buy some black armour, then head to the strongholds of security and player safety, finish them, and accept your reward.

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Farmer100 provides you with runescape farming skill

Farmer100 live chat is happy to give you free game guides.

You know, there are 25 skills in RuneScape. Farming is a one of the most interesting member’s skill. With the farming skill, you can grow your own plants. It’s a very interesting skill in RuneScape. Now RS farmer100 is going to discuss the farming details.


If you know the basics of the farming skill, you can be one of the best farmers on farmer100. The current minimum requirement to be ranked on the hiscores for farming is level 5. You can grow a wide range of corps by using farming skills, such as vegetables, fruit trees, wood-bearing trees and so on. When you get harvest items, you can use them to train Herblore and Cooking. Of course you can simply eat them.


Farmer100 live chat tells you that you’d better to start farming with Catherby vegetable, flower and herb plots. If you need produce to pay Gardeners to watch over your crops, pick up the produce other players have dropped from their crops and hand it over to the gardener. If you need more buckets, there is a good way: the people who buy Compost tend to drop their buckets! If you farm Catherby regularly, you can also get buckets. Spirit trees are worth planting. The seeds are generally free to get and the payment is nominal. Only one tree can be planted at a time and you will need to decide which location is most useful.


If you have reached level 99, you can buy a Farming Cape from Martin the master farmer in Draynor Village square. If you don’t have much time to train it, you can buy a RuneScape from runescape farmer100, which can provide the cheapest and safest runescape accounts.


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Farmer100 runescape sold the cheapest rs account to my friend

My friend bought the cheapest runescape account on RS farmer100


One of my friends is interested in runescape. You know Runescape is one of the most popular MMO games in the world and has long history. Even though some gamers quit runescape to play another games, the number of runescape players is still going up. More and more players have an addiction to RS.


Once you search “runescape addiction”, there will appear lots of results. You can see many stories about rs addiction. What impresses me most is the story about a 14 years old teenager. He stared playing rs even when he is grade 5, and he took every chance to play the game: weekends, after school, in school computer labs. At that time, he didn’t realize the he has a runescape addiction. Several years later, he is still playing while his friends have all stopped playing. He tried many ways to stop this, such as made detailed plans, but it failed. He would usually follow for about a day and go back to runescape, regardless of how badly he wants to. That’s too bad.


Many gamers can not stray away from the keyboard for anything but the essential living needs. I am worried about my friend, who has in the risk of rs addiction in the future. He is so busy at study and he has not enough time to play games, to level up, to train skills. In this case, another friend recommends farmer100 runescape to buy cheap runescape account. So that he doesn’t need to spend too much time on it. RS farmer100 is one of the most popular virtual goods shops online, where you can buy runescape account, runescape gold and other customized service.


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