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Same with behemoth. We get flooded by them. As soon as you log in you get At least 2. glad i left ultros and went to gilgamesh never get pst.
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Midgard is swarmed with gil spammers..Sargatanas, between every 5-15 mins. Malboro server here. Typically get a PM like every 20 mins about buy cheap ffxiv gil.

At some point through long hours of observation, I figured there was about 1 Bot of some kind for every 20 legitimate players. Out of 500 players, 22 were farm bots and 8 were spam bots. The majority of the farm bots are THM or BLM, and a smaller faction are Botanists/Miners. We also might have a minor fishing epidemic but we’re working through that with active reports.RMT’s usually use the hacked/phished accounts of legitimate players.

40% is a massive exxageration. They spam your tells every 10 minutes or so. I just blacklist them as the tells come in. Some days I get very few.Zhuli Li owns Exodus all bots report to him , good thing i dont play this game anymore. All good.

different verion of final fantasy

You mentioned like ff5 are fixed games nothing new would be released for them, so once you played through next playthrough will be exactly identical, playthrough can be done in around 15-45 hours each time. MMO’s on the other hand like this has constant regular update and so much content in game that will keep growing. no 2 play days are alike. Reason FF14 closed down it was a flawed game took too much resources to play and wasn’t that great. FF14:ARR rebuilt game from ground up and now one of best MMO’s out there, considering ff11 been going 12years+ now and still going this game has plenty of life in it now the flaws been fixed FFXIV gil.

This is an mmo… The box clearly states monthly subscription required.. Sorry but this entire situation is your own fault. Funny that you stalk my profile Paul. I’m sorry, can’t say you excite me as much buy cheap ffxiv gil, every time I answer I just think about how long it would take to wake you up if one went the long way of discussig with you. You’re actually a fool.

That is my point fellas, and if you can’t piece this information together tight enough for you to understand and reply that either I’m right or wrong, then it’s you that are fucking stupid. ”

…Information? You didn’t write anything that can be considered as such. Just a bunch of random, wild ideas with no sense whatsoever.

But of course, anyone that doesn’t believe your… “unique” view, is wrong and fucking stupid.

RuneScape 3 is almost upon us

RuneScape 3 is almost upon us. Find out more about it in today’s BTS Video!

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RuneScape 3 is considerably more than HTML 5. Check the link to see what’s coming. i want to learn how to merchant.. sorry, i know this is random! w/e I understand that. But I was just giving you some feedback. is there going to be a new world map layout/look cuz when i open the world map for a split sec it is a different look/layout?

olfeedback. Tell them what is not ready about html5/RS3 then THAT will be feedback. html5 is totally ready. mine runs about 60fps no issues anywhere. I’m more or less worried about the minimap, sound, and black screen bugs that happen constantly in RS2… I hope they won’t be present. Nothing happend. He comes on funorb sometimes. zezimas was a legend player in sell rs accounts

he’s playing old school I wish i can afford membershit to play oldschool was member for over 2 years. I remember waiting for any new Runescape to be the new Zezima. Then I discovered actually good MMOs!

Also, whatever happened to that futuristic Runescape that Jagex was gonna sell runescape accounts make? MechScape was it? Zezima still plays Runescape.. He plays both oldschool and the main game. He just doesn’t come on too often.


Gear and stat scaling would be okay

Gear and stat scaling would be okay, provided it’s an option and not an imperative, but I wouldn’t want to lose my abilities. At level 24, WoW accounts for sale my priest wouldn’t have Atonement, my Warrior wouldn’t have Shockwave, and I’m not sure what would happen to Death Knights. Depending on the level of the dungeon in question, I might have to completely how I work.

I’d envision it as a scaling down of OUTPUT rather than true char level.

The fact you don’t get all your abilities right off as much as anything is to simplify the game for new players (or players new to that class / spec at least..) I’d see a model where your health / mana were scaled down, and overall damage / healing output was nerfed down, rather than losing access to abilities because, hey, you don’t have that yet – right?

In my head it works like this – AbilityX hits at lv 90 for 140k damage, at scaled down level it hits for (140k divide by <magic number> times <dungeon level> = actual damage of 14k/ 1400 / 140 etc. cheap WoW accounts appropriate to equivalent of a standard player for that dungeon) Having extra abilities wouldn’t necessarily be OP as I’d still be limited by GCD.

I guess the only bad thing would be where a boss is designed to be tough around (for example) a poison mechanic because no healer at that level would yet have anything to dispell it, whereas a higher level healer scaled down, would.

i don´t think the scale down would work, rather a scale up of content.

a player scale down cuts off certain abilities like dispell or offensive/defensive cd´s,  but these abilities allow a designer to develop certain mechanics around these.

the extra abilities give a huge advantage, imagine the decision of a PUG raid lead under the premiss, that both players have  the same skill. World of Warcraft accounts sell who would you invite: a player with a full toolbox or an “abilitiy-crippled” player?

a player scale up, where you would gain extra abilities for the time the event takes, would undermine the whole leveling and/or gearing process


party hat price was around billio

wth..but party hat price was around billion some weeks ago..i wrong ? i want get in drop party some high items like party hat=1billion or other high items..or get plate material and make set tetsu and sell any one for millions.sell runescape accounts . all this is doing is creating false money again and making bots that chase phats able to sell them for 2 million each making them rich while people that spend ages skilling up are poor in comparison. at least in EOC the only people that had them where people that where very rich or people that had played a long time and saved them! I’m sorry runescape i forgot idc anymore about party hats.

I’d rather play a 2011 based private server for pre eoc for free than play oldschool RS.. I aint paying £5 every month just to play it, oldschool pretty much died out after the first couple of months. aww I think ima give up on trying to get 1 lol Those Won’t go anywhere just cause they did in eoc it will be forever till these get like that. Why sell them? I won’t sell them. I Gonna sell rs accounts keep them, when i find one. Where can i find one? effin bs, had it in brimmy and I died even trying to get there. even tho it took me a half hour to walk there and missed it its funny watching how all this dumb kids are asking where where where?? like OMG!! PHATS !! lmaoo!!! sad that you lose buy runescape accounts ze:12 all experience you had back in thos days and have to start all over again, much less fun, why couldnt we go on where we left the game that time? Wow i just picked one up random green one just drop in front of me. And meanwhile in America a boy discovers a glitch involving the mass amounts of rare items flowing in Old School Runescape.

support the almighty Zamorak

Today we revel in chaos as Mods call on you to support the almighty Zamorak

Zamorak got lucky when he “defeated” zaros the armadyl staff was the only reason zamorak became a god.

Even with the power from the stone of jas and the staff of armadyl , zamorak was still striken down – the only reason he stands a god today is because zaros tripped. question, if zamorak used the stone why didnt the dragonkin kick his butt like they did with lucien?? or unlike him he wasnt a false user? none of the gods are anything without the elder artifacts… saradomin without his crown is nothing, armadyl without his staff, and the others without there artifacts. Though i’m Guthixian, and even Guthix was nothing without the sword of eddicts.. actually Zaros might have an artifact. However, it’s in the possession of Azzanadra for the time being, if you  sell runescape accounts played the Temple at Senntisten quest. It’s not for certain, but a lot of people think the “horn” Elder Artifact is actually the Frostenhorn. It’s what allows Azzanadra to communicate with Zaros.

but zaros is still the true lord there is nothing that zamorak fears as much as the return of zaros he ruled pretty much the whole world of gielienor he is our true master. Exactly, Zaros didn’t need an artifact……He will rise again one day and rule it all buy runescape accounts….

the dragonkin weren’t powerful enough to attack zamorak cuz he used the staff of armadyl first to gain god power then used the stone of jas. i believe it was stated ingame or confirmed somewhere. i believe the dragonkin gain power equal to the power used from the stone.

Bring Home the Bacon – the 200th quest of RS

For the 200th quest, this has got to be the most underwhelming release yet. At least give us some decent rewards next time. I liked this one. Eli is creepy, the dialogue was funny, and my new pet pig is great buy runescape accounts. Good job guys! This quest is bugged it thinks im a man :p When showing off the pig to the villagers they say “yay for the adventurer and -HIS- amazing pig! To be honest, I was rather disappointed in this new quest. The whole story line felt more like it was made up as a holiday-event type quest. I felt the whole idea of it was spontaneous and really just kind of awkward as progressed through to the end. I understand there hasn’t been a new quest since TWW back in February and well I’m glad to see another finally came. Anyway, I’m just glad it’s over. I don’t mind doing rs accounts for sale a novice quest once and a while but for the 200th quest and months of waiting I was expecting something spectacular.

So as far as the quest goes…thanks and keep them coming. This one is okay but I know you can do better. The level 84 Spirit Pak Pig should have more storage for its tier. The issue has always been there was a huge gap between War Tortoise and Pak Yak. War Tortoise is around level 67 and stores 18 items. While the level 84 tier 3 Spirit Pak Pig also stores 18 items. While the Pak Yak, level 96, stores 30 items. The level 84 Spirit Pak Pig should store 24 items. So it is a happy in between of War Tortoise and Pak Yak. As for the lower level Spirit Pak Pigs, they probably need adjustments as well. Their storage seems low too. Did not compare with the lower level beasts of borden. Think terrorbird stores 12 and is level 52.

Also think their timer should be longer. I believe they are 18 minutes and war tortoise is to sell runescape accounts 40 minutes. Which is wrong.