non-stick grill mat prevent food from falling through

We look forward to our all-too-infrequent agreeable weather to grill and/or barbecue in the backyard. Summer is FINALLY here, and we were excited to be able to use the YRYM HT miracle grill mat at last. They worked perfectly! Tonight’s grilling was fajitas which featured tri tip steaks, thin sliced bell peppers, onions & mushrooms all grilled to perfection over charcoal. The mats were fabulous to cook on and a breeze to clean up — just tossed them into hot soapy dishwater and swished a bit, then rinsed. We will undoubtedly use them another 100 times or more before the weather prohibits our doing so this fall. Great product — couldn’t say enough good things about it. Great product, but make sure to avoid flare-ups on your grill. Too many flare-ups will ruin the coating. Product worked great with my Traegar pellet smoker. I used it to smoke almonds so i did have to avoid the edges as a few almonds fell off the mat into the grill. If i were using for vegetables it would have been even better.

YRYM HT non-stick grill mat set was a gift for my son-in-law and he loves it! We love these matts for grilling. They keep small items from falling into the grates. Have not had a chance to put to use yet but it seems to be a good product. Will update review once I use it. Just made scallops on my YRYM HT miracle grill mat. Did not stick one bit. Unlike other grill mats this mat allows the smoke and heat to circulate totally around the food. It is stiff enough that with my grill gloves I just lifted the entire mat off the grill onto a tray. Cleaned easily. Fantastic product , shipped in time, definitely would buy from this vendor again. Good mat keep clean up to a minimal. Only thing I don’t like is they do tend to slip around the grill a bit. This is a good product as discribed. The only “surprise” is : “Don’t put a flame directly on it because it can damage the item”. Usually it is not a problem but when you have a charcoal grill, with the grease you never now when you’ll have the flame and if yes or no you’ll damage the item. But so far (used 4 times) meet my expectation. Non sticky at all.

The YRYM HT Miracle Grill Mat arrived on time and was as described. I choose this style because of the ‘bound’ edges whereas others just had ‘raw’ edges. I have only used it once in my wood pellet grill smoking & cooking a meat loaf. I was very happy with the result. The grease and fat passed through the grid pattern, the smoke and heat was able to get to the bottom of the meat loaf and I was very satisfied with the result. I plan to use this as much as possible and would recommend this to anyone who has the need for one. It was easy to clean and the tube canister makes a nice storage container for it. I would purchase this again. I used this for the first time, it worked great..cooked an assortment of grilled vegetables, and nothing stuck to the mats, and they were very easy to clean..looking forward to using these more.

Versatile non-stick grill mat set! Works great in the oven too. I use it for making pizza and it crisps the crust very well and doesn’t get stuck. Easy to clean, also. Works on a gas grill. No melting so far. I use a non stick spray on it non-stick grill mat set when grilling seafood to make sure there is no sticking. Used on my outside gas grill works great (just laid over old grill) nice and clean.I was going to replace grates, this is a good item. These work perfectly for my purpose. I smoke cheese, including Blue Cheese, and I use these in the smoker to prevent the cheese from falling through the grates. Product works a advertised. Food tastes much better than cooking directly on the grill grates. Had one small issue which was resolved quickly by outstanding customer service.

how to use heat transfer vinyl for T shirt project

Great quality heat transfer vinyl. I have used on several shirt and the vinyl is not lifting even after several washes. I like this better than the brand that is sold by my cutting machine. I plan to continue buying this item for my projects. I love that it is in sheets instead of rolls; much easier to manage. Nice color selection and easy to weed. Absolutely no issues getting it to stick to t-shirts. Looks very nice. I really appreciated the Teflon sheet and the sealable folder that were included. I absolutely love everything about this heat transfer paper, the colors are vibrant and most importantly it’s easy to weed… love love it. I love the variety of colors and it cuts nice on the Cricut. I also liked the envelope with the instructions, very helpful. I would order again. I love that it comes with the paper already on transfer paper and includes a sheet to iron. This has everything you need to make your cut and T-shirt! I will be ordering more!

I have made several shirts with this heat transfer paper and am super impressed with the quality and the company. Fast shipping and the teflon sheet is an awesome bonus! Love that it comes with a cover sheet to help with the transfer of the vinyl! So far so good. Great variety of colors. Love the envelope that the vinyl came in. Love the packaging some are white in the middle like transparent like. But will be buying more easy to weed. Love the folder it comes with to store my vinyl all the colors are perfect! I loved this item and i even loved the customer support they offered when we had an issue. They are fast responding. They even send your heat transfer paper in a nice keepable folder. I will definitely be buying this item again. This product is easy to work with. In this pack are many useful colors. So far I’ve had no issues. Good color variety, good size pieces. Only had 1 problem with my first cut, and that was 100%operator error. High quality, easy welding! Amazing colours .. am in love with this product and company .i will buy again. Looks great and super easy to work with!! I love that it came in a case/folder. So far so good! Easy to weed, great choice of colors. Applies easily & I love how it comes with a folder to keep the sheets flat. The Teflon sheet is also a nice bonus. I will definitely order again.

Washes very well. HTVRont brand is the best heat transfer paper I have used by far!  Be sure to let the vinyl cool before removing the the clear sheet or the vinyl will come off. Great product. The price is reasonable. Fast delivery. Great color selection. Easy to work with and irons on easy with a regular iron. I haven’t wash the onesies yet to see how well they stay on. Made them as gifts. Great product! Fast shipping! The product arrive extremely fast! The variety of colors was very nice a lot of nice colors! The holder that the paper comes in was damaged at the bottom which was one of the reasons I ordered it along with the great reviews. I contacted the company and not only were they quick to respond but they were more than willing to send out another one! The product worked great no issues getting the vinyl to transfer. Will definitely order again! Delivery took a little longer than expected but I love my order! The sheets were actually bigger than the company I normally order from and the colors were so bright!! Thank you so much l! Loved the variety of colors in this package. Great product!! Really easy to use! Worked great on my first project.

Love the packaging! It even has instructions on the back on the package to ensure it’s used properly! Great quality! I just starting to use vinyl and I love this product. Look great come in a nice plastic package to keep them safe. Haven’t got to try then yet but i bet they will work great. I’m having a hard time getting the vinyl to stick. This isn’t my first time with heat transfer paper, and it took a lot of pressing, using a scrapper to make it stick, and repeating. After about an hour and a half I finally got my image on. There were some areas that didn’t stick cleanly. I thought maybe it was just the white color, but I had the same issue with the black as well. Very durable, easy to weed….Will be ordering again 🙂 I love the variety of colors. A little hard to weed but overall its a great product! Fast shipping, good product. Received package on time..I would buy it again. Used last night and loved.

how to use transfer tape

Hallelujah! LOVE this transfer tape! It’s nothing short of amazing. It sticks to the vinyl and then leaves it behind on your product. You can also reuse the piece of transfer tape up to about 3-4 times before needing a new piece. The grid on the paper is super helpful! I’ll be buying again and again. However I’m just realizing. I am supposed to get that scraper with the roll? I like the quality of this transfer tape. It does not leave a residue behind like some do and it sticks better than contact paper. I’m getting used to using the lines though, they make it more difficult to line up if you aren’t really careful about applying the transfer tape. That is just a personal preference. The quality of the tape is great and it shipped quickly.I absolutely LOVE this transfer tape… it releases my vinyl perfectly… hands down the BEST tape I’ve ever used! I’m using it for ALL my customer’s decals from now on. I read the reviews on different transfer tapes. I purchased this tape because of the reviews. It worked wonderfully. I had a tight time schedule and no knowledge or experience of how to use transfer tape. I’m glad the tape worked flawlessly. Thank you for this product.

First time using this transfer tape and I loved it. The clear tape is not too thin. It has substance. I made a shadow box and used it to adhere 651. The words came right off the backing to stick to the tape and the transfer onto the glass was smooth. It is not too sticky either. Worked like a charm!! This is the best transfer paper! I won’t use any other product! Better than the semi-clear, this transfer tape is clear, but with guidelines. The guidelines help you center your vinyl for application. Will buy again once I use all this up! Highly recommend! Perfect medium tack transfer tape. My top pick for transfer tape. It is has the right level of stickiness where the vinyl will stick but will easily come off. It also has a bit of a stretch to it alt hat makes it easier. Second time buying, most definitely would buy again. This is the best transfer tape! Don’t waste your time or money on anything else. I highly recommend! This is great. I did a batch of car decals for a charity. This tape is the perfect level of stickiness! Works great,very clear! I’ll be buying it again!

I’m a new Cricut user, but so far have not been impressed with any of  HTVRont clear transfer paper  I’ve used. I put this to the test as soon as it was delivered today and it is awesome! It’s sturdy, easy to cut and easy to peel. I will not waste my money on any other transfer paper. I am officially a fan. It works perfectly! I have had the easiest time doing my vinyl transfers. I will continue to buy this brand! I am very happy with this purchase and will definitely purchase this product again. Great product. Wonderful company! Everything arrived as promised and in great condition. Amazing transfer tape! Lifts up every tiny intricate piece of vinyl with ease. Will purchase again and again. Love this Craftopia transfer tape. I just used it yesterday due to hurricane Irma. . The grid lines, the clearness and just the right amount of tack. I haven’t very many different brands as I’m new to the cricut machine, but I’ve been very happy with this tape. Love the fact it comes in a big roll. I did re-order this product a second time. I love the clear transfer tape because you can actually see exactly what you are doing! I finally used your transfer tape and I love it!! I will have to order more to make sure I never run out!

As soon as I received HTVRont clear transfer paper I put this to use. I’ve been using contact paper which works most of the time but with letters i always had problems. This worked with no issues I was so happy and the price is great. Will definitely be purchasing more!! This stuff is very high quality. I can reuse one piece for my entire project before discarding! This has now become the only transfer tape I will use. This worked very well as I expected it to. My first test run was to use it on a mug on plan for using on more later. I am new to the vinyl game, but this transfer tape is the easiest i have worked with so far. perfect choice for my project. It worked great and I really used the included tool. Great product! This worked great for me transferring vinyl onto stained wood! It was actually way easier to use than the previous brand I have used. Exactly what I wanted and was shipped right away!

BBQ grill mat is a must for BBQ veggies

Been using the BBQ grill mat for a while. They work very well to keep meat moist, esp. chicken and burgers. A must for BBQ veggies. Real work saver, works as a grill pad and protects the BBQ grilling surface from excess grease and burned food. These things are incredible!! I love that my grill doesn’t get all gooey with stuck on foods!! Outstanding grill mates very easy to clean just used one yesterday with my new grill fantastic. Tried my new mat on the oven baking some pupmkins and also on the grill whith pork chops and worked just like I expected! Easy to use, wash and use it all over again!

We used BBQ grill mat on our charcoal grill to cook steak. It worked wonderfully. They work like a charm. I grilled small pieces of mushrooms, onions, and peppers right on the surface, and didn’t lose a single morsel. The only thing is the cleanup can be a bit of a challenge–some black marks on the pads can be a challenge to get off. I’ll just put that side down next time! But who cares? After a few uses, I’ll just buy a few more. They save a boatload of grill brushing. The BBQ grill mat is the best and we are giving them out as gifts to our friends. Best new invention ever. I was skeptical of these but my boyfriend was in some kick and I figured for $12.99 what the heck. Used the non stick grill mat the night I received for steak and mushrooms and they were amazing!! I never had better grilled veggies!!!!!

I was very hesitant at first because they had a limit on temperature and I knew I was cooking over open fire. But when I bought non stick grill mat out to the campsite, it work great. You do still get the grill marks, I cook sausage, chicken wings, steak and veggies and everything cook perfectly. It is also super easy to clean, and best part is, NON-STICK! Worth the buy and the price was great for five mats. Bought for my godfather. Not entirely sure what they are. He said they were prefect. Great price for a 5 pack! Used the non stick grill mat for three different supper from the grill and they worked perfectly. Clean up was a breeze. Will never use foil again.

Love to use non stick grill mat in oven and on the grill. Great buy . When you place them under the coil in electric ovens you never have to scrub again . Just put in top shelf of dishwasher! Best investment EVER….wish i would have had these many years ago, bacon wrapped Jalepeno poppers on the grill have never been this fun, marinated chicken juices stay on the chicken and not on your grill…A+++. Good quality mays can’t wait to try them out! Shopping was super quick too for free shipping! Used them on the bottom of my oven to catch spills they clean up easily. Blew around due to convection fan until it settled in. I recommend them and use them on the grill and in the oven.

FFXIV skip ARR and Heavensward

Looking at that trailer it’s looking like you stack in deliverance then stack in infuriate that gives you your fell cleve. Can’t be too sure.I’m so ready for those Astro new card skills! Cheap FFXIV Gil Besides the Frog summoning and that little box around Ninja, what else is new that you guys spotted for Ninja? They said ninja was the least changed class, sorry. In the end ninja was using one mudra for three ninjutsus, but you have to play to know for sure. I saw a quick attack that was different. There’s that I suppose. Thanks!

The Ninja cast shukuchi pretty fast twice in the span of 10s. Maybe we get more mobility? There was a disclaimer at the start of the live letter saying not all the skills were showcased. My guess is they really wanted to show off how the gauge works for nin (auto attacking to build up scroll = 3 quick ninjutsu) i dont understand why the live letter isnt up on the youtube page even though it was streamed to it. Is it too late to make a lvl 1 character and start this game? But but I literally have to start from a realm reborn. They are introducing jump potions when Stormblood is released. You can get one to :
skip ARR
skip ARR and Heavensward,
skip to lvl 60 on one class (only one class per account)
If you don’t mind putting the money down, there your solution to not start at lvl 1. If you don’t want to, there is are earrings you get when you preorder that will give you bonus exp to 50. You can still manage to get through the story before the expansion if you keep at it.

Thanks for the info but not likely I’ll just start from lvl 1 so I don’t miss stuff, the same seems very enjoyable but thanks breh. Also Astrologian build up spell makes me want to roll it again. Just have to remember all those tree green bold tank things lol. Still gonna main WAR ❤ that bare fist punch and red glowing eyes <3. What a disappointment for summoner, no new egi. Honestly? Sch for life !!!!! What exactly was this fairy ability? FFXIV Gil The one that fairy gets tethered to the target? when ive grinded since day one of the game to find out that there bringing skip potions into the game this is worse than not skiping soar </3 Gimme more details on AST! Can we have 3 cards on hand at once?! I wanna see what the new cards are too! So looks like Sch can just not push buttons to heal now. That tether heal.

Jessie Brian Mumberson gonna be getting into this again, come join me most exited for the “unable to complete version check” for Mac’s to be fixed. I personally got used to casting as a bard. I’m thrilled about the MCH changes though. Did they mention anything about MCH turrets? For some reason i don’t like them, and i can’t see any in the video. Finally not gonna see silly players running around with parry melds. I thought I loved my pally before. But after seeing that insane conical block… OMG!!! *grins menacingly while hovering over the zerk hotkey* Omg I already shred any class in pvp with 2 fell cleave crits imagine 4 or 5 lol. They also said about a skill the reduces cost of inner beast skills so who knows maybe we could be seeing 6 or 7 we can dream haha.

Stormblood dungeons Cleric Stance

Well it depends, are you standing there doing nothing for a couple minutes at a time. Because if you are, that right there is your problem. Nothing is more irritating than a healer who either stands and does nothing for 80% of a run or one that doesn’t even take their weapon out until they have to heal. The opening is prime dps time. I like the idea of taking away cleric stance and just letting mages do damage but have reduction during PvP events.

you’re just not good enough then cheap Blade and Soul Gold . Theres absolutely no excuse for you to be not dpsing while everyone is topped off. If you’re either just standing there doing nothing for a good 3 minutes you’re not putting enough effort to make runs faster or if you just keep spamming and casting heals when theyre not needed (such as reapplying medica 2 when its still on 20s) just shows how bad you are at mp management. Cleric stance was added for a reason (both for solo and PvE content), don’t complain about how it needs to be removed when you just need to get good. Healers, especially WHM, put out crazy amounts of burst damage and the fact that you’re sitting there thinking ‘I’m a healer! I’m good at healing I don’t want to do those other things!’ is completely disappointing. Just saying, had about enough of healers complaining like this..

I like cleric stance, though. Juggling the two isn’t difficult- and if I was unable to DPS as a healer ( or DPS potency was significantly decreased ) I’d… “die” of boredom. I actually don’t mind seeing a healer help out with dps sometimes. If they do dumb that down a little, it wouldn’t be a huge deal. I play astro as a secondary and with decent dps in a dungeon you don’t really dps too much anyway since stuff dies so fast. Honestly healer dps is never really necessary if dps are good.. the only reason i feel that healers need to dps is for dungeons and to get through MSQ. I only feel bad for the sch T_T whm if the strongest healer and ast is the weakest when trying to dps so it will suck for sch to have cleric be removed. I always see whm/ast to b focused on healing only and sch to dps and shield when necessary.

I guess they removed the useless casting time on Esuna and CD for Cleric Stance on those skills. Yoshida said he does not like Cleric Stance has he did not expect it to change healers as DPS yet he would keep it. I feel conflicted as I read this, Brinden Jamison. On the one hand, the dungeon looks nice and the added flashiness of spells is exciting. On the other hand, I don’t know if I am happy or sad about the removal of Cleric stance. I don’t DPS as much as you do, so it won’t bug me so long as healer DPS is based on the Mind stat. I just don’t want them to nerf healer DPS potential altogether by removed Cleric stance. Also, all signs point to Esuna becoming an AoE!

Secrets of the Stratus Hongmoon levels

There are 2 sets of levels. Your normal level and your Hongmoon level. You start leveling Hongmoon levels after you reach level 50. You get these points from Hongmoon levels. The gm was hongmoon lv 3 and changed to hongmoon lv 20. I am at hm12, my ap dropped from 755 to 705(before adding hongmoon point) does anyone experienced the same issue or was just my two at? Blade and Soul Gold They stated it to be hongmoon levels, you get hm levels after hitting the cap level (level 50) the xp bar switches from color and you will have a golden dragon symbol rather than grey so you can clearly see it is hm levels. If you are level 49 it only takes you to get to level 50 because at that moment you’ll become hm1 and each hm level gives 5 points.

The cap of hm levels is hm20 meaning 100 point is the maximum you can get to spend on Attack and Defense. I hope that I was able to clear things up for you. ^Your game makes me RAGE! I had to register, download, install the game. When it finally says I can play, I have to DOWNLOAD more crap that will take me 1 hour to download?

What the living did I just install, then? Please fix this update piece of garbage and make it where it says I can play… I CAN PLAY! Unless the waiting game is the game itself, in that case – no thank you. ^I’m sure that’s a common thing in mmo. You download client then download the patch. Blade & Soul i’m rather curious why don’t you guys make a verison for consoles i’m sure your guy’s player base would increase massively it’s just a thought. Buy Blade and Soul Gold I’m interested when I can make the male gunner, that new class but I still dont like the fantasy Chinese looking theme the entire world the blade and soul universe has goin on.

Lol yeah a Korean game is Chinese-looking theme. Sure. And please, don’t play this game just because there’s a class looks like Dante with guns. You will not get far, i promise . I go far in these type of games, trust me I may not be anything special but I usually hit a gold standard of decent, the problem is I have issues with the ethic cloths and environmental areas. BnS having Oriental style design is part of the reason I’m even interested in this game. Western style is boring to me. I don’t care much for western either, I life sci fi, cyber punk or steam punk.

group up for World Boss in Blade & Soul

There’s no point in gaining class experience during leveling when most of your class-defining skill is locked in the near-cap levels and they boosted the story quest EXP to help people catch up.For people who are leveling alts for end-game, this insta-50 is useful as it cuts out the grind and allows them to do relevant content right off the bat. Also, Blade and Soul Gold the new training room DOES cover the basic rotations for each character quite extensively.

I love the insta-50. I enjoy a lot of classes but playing the story 7 times is a bit tiring. Plus if they’re not new to BnS then they have some idea how other classes work, just by watching what they do and working with them. If they’re new, they shouldn’t buy insta-50 anyway. Can this insta 50 room be accessed without being insta 50 character? Trove keys removed on last day :S, why would you do that? I’ts the best day to buy keys for us who invested in Trove Slots and didn’t get yet what we are looking for. It’s a nonsense. It is also the best day for you to sell them and make profit. Bad move there. I’m sad .

Yep nice but good news aside what about the Garena handling I’ve heard 2 countries will be able to play it in SEA in april. And btw I like that people are still not giving up on this game kudos to the team but yeah expecting more of optimization not for fps but the DL speed and patching speed don’t worry I got fiber but still can’t easily patch or download patches fast enough which I can do on other NA games. Abd El-Baky no plans for an oce server, time to move to NA. Im all about the pve,Buy Blade and Soul Gold new events and story line. so megh, couldnt care less about the pvp. pls ..reduce the loading .by entering on dungeon ang log in account..and give more freebies… and story. I been trying to play but just hives me some message saying, something went wrong with ncsoft.

Basically: “Pleasse keep giving us money becose someday you will have new content” …You are detroying the game, good luck blade&money. Omg Thank you u fcking producer we’ve been waiting for this for so so so so so fcking long. BTW !! make the game less lag with ppl group up for World Boss ! super lag gy, just so u know. Yess !! Insta lvl 50 on April 12 right ????? right ????? !!! Omg im gonna reinstall the game tonight. Btw , the website said that ” fresh new account ” Insta lvl 50… does it work on an account that already been playing for a couple monthz ??

PAX East Final Fantasy XIV Event Challenge the Warring Traid

Is it extreme or normal like what do they do over there? It’s normal mode. Extreme would be too hard for all these people. The free shirts for a relatively easy fight are neat, but I bet the glamour gems cost a TON over there. Wow Amazing Visit PAX East Final Fantasy XIV Event Challenge the Warring Traid Win Get Stormblood Shirt Thank You. Come get your free t shirt and full set of iLvl 290 gear! i wonder how many people told him he ruined end game. Remember to get some rest at some point, Yoshida-sama! Buy FFXIV Gil Remember to get some rest at some point, Yoshida-sama! We need Stormblood tanktops for girls for summer plz! Hey ! final fantasy xiv stormblood will be available in egypt ? Patch 3.55b is live and brings a host of additions and refinements to the realm, including newly redesigned exploratory missions in the Diadem.

Yeah, I’m not really bothered by it like I was with the 210 gear back in the day. Creator has been out for months and like what Benjiman said the expansion is a few months away. I do find it very odd it’s ilvl 280 though, prolly a desperate attempt to get people into diadem. I’ll go in once or twice to check it out but that’ll prolly be it… FFXIV Gil now if they added the branchoisaur as a mount then you bet your butt I would live in there till I got it LOL. 280 weapon not so much, I’ll stick with my alex gun . The only stupid stuff about the diadem isn’t the weapon tbh, it’s the fact that it’s giving so much stuff super easily and it’s breaking the market (well on moogle it is…) especially with materias and some craft components.

The relic weapon is purely for the people who love the grind, and already play the game every day, it gives them something to build and work on, and advance… that is its whole purpose.. everyone else bitching about it when you got a new expac coming anyway that will make your relic obsolete… like seriously? I hate gamers, they are often the most whiny and entitled children you will ever meet, always demanding more and more for free, and throwing a fit when its not exactly how they themselves imagined it. I could literally make a stupid game and sell playing rights lol.. And people would play even still. I don’t think free is an issue.. IMO.. The rings in this game is completely random.. Random is random.. There is no random difference from one game to the next.. Its in effort to get someone to play all the classes at some point.

You forgot the fifth: completely randomized substats, you could get parry, piety, or vitality and end up being worse than 275 relic, even with 2-3 extra WD, SEs desperate attempt to get the hardcore players back to subbing. Since the majority of midcore and hardcores downed Creator savage in less than 7 weeks.Desperate, but not enough. Id have been all for a rare difficult 24 man boss battle for weapons in the diadem.We hardcore and midcores dont want shitty cash grab schemes. We want DIFFICULT AND CHALLENGING content SE.

FFXIV Stormblood come out

They need your money, even extra money, to churn out more of the free content, of which there has been so much more than the OPTIONAL content, most of which was older content that some people may have missed out on.Well they wouldn’t have a problem getting money if se didn’t use ffxiv money for other projects, also the new emotes where not older content that people missed out on it was never in the game. Also most people don’t have a problem with cash shop for the game ya fair enough most of its glams and mounts which is fine, think it’s more to do that they are now putting emotes in a shop and then the price of said emote is bloody crazy. Also I’d look up server costs for any of those moaning about this. Servers that are really damn stable at that. Can’t please some people.

Actually wait till Stormblood come out, then get back to me on “stable servers” We pay for this game. Why are you making emotes we have to purchase? How annoying.All this salt over a non essential item. Simmer doon the lot of you. $7 bucks each…I thought you guys were Japanese, Cheap FFXIV Gil not Korean. Sure am glad this is what development time and resources are going towards…cash shop bullshit. Yeah well when the core players are unsubbing in massive amounts (check current active subs) then it’s a huge problem. There’s nothing wrong with having a cash shop when the items are obtainable in-game…but when they’re milking it for nonsense such as this…it’s inexcusable.

final fantasy x on ps2 on amazon. thanks square enix. i’d rather have the ~80 hours of quality gameplay than 2 frickin emotes for ONE CHARACTER $7 for an emote, come on guys, this game is not pay to play, Cheap FFXIV Gil we already have subs, this is pretty gross. You pay $15 a month to play it. It literally is pay to play lmfao I miss playing this game but that $15 price tag every month hurts If $15 a month hurts you probably shouldn’t be spending time on games anyway.

On Balmung, we’re playing like there’s a mysterious virus hitting the world. I don’t know why I still pay for the fucking sub even though I never login to play… clocking in at 1180 days. the XIV team are really looking for ways to milk as much money as possible out of this game.. This is literally on my news feed right after a story about a dead five year old. Not cool, random chance. Not cool. I was looking for a place for screenshots and then bam, random guy afk laying on the floor half dead xD These images together make it look like the Miqo is jumping with joy at the apparent death of two Lalas. I would have so bought the play dead emote if female elezen got to lay dead like the female lala……