ffxi was fantastic

I love all of the people complaining about the price and the items. If you don’t like it, don’t pay for the stream and just watch it from a 3rd party. Get off your damn high horses. whoa another thing to pay for?! wow ffxiv is the most pointless mmo on the planet. such a shame considering ffxi was fan fucking tastic.  If you don’t play then why are you complaining? Yeah its steep but you get the stream, outfits, and a minion.

lm complaining because the previous mmo SE released was ground breaking. this game is a fucking joke. its an mmo you play solo theres no community at all. only thing any body cares about is screenshots and fucking glamour gear. Depends on how you play. buy FFXIV Gil I have an FC where we do a ton of things together along with a lot of friends in other FCs that help us out when it comes to raids and fates and hunts. So I guess my gaming experience has been a lot better then yours.Plenty of other people weren’t fans of the other mmo.

I mean I solo things for the fun of it… what parts are solo about this game Josh Arnold? FFXIV Gil the quests are pathetic too it tells you where to go who to talk to and you can warp to these places with no hassle. i guess thats cool for people who suck at video games though. I bet this guy wasn’t play the moogle quests, lol.

As to the triple-dipping… Some of the stuff I can understand, but yeah, the stuff that’s nearly as much as a full expansion? That one’s not cool. I’m okay with the marriage stuff, since that actually has the effect of giving cool stuff to up to 80 people, special clothing, mounts, there’s a whole huge package to be had there.

Blade and Soul hard farming dungeons SOLO on low level

Quite easy dungeon, on the last boss, failure to pt invi will likely cause pt wipe. this dungeon now easy as hell, got huge nerf last update in KR, so we got nerfed version. The dungeon got nerfed, but it is not easy as hell. They only nerfed the damage you take when you fail the mechanic. It still is a one shot if you dont have 90k plus health.

Reducing accessory costs…..Is it Christmas or are you trying to steal my heart? Cause that already belongs to Poharan you can’t have it. However…….Blade and Soul Gold much love . Another upgrade material discount ? Might as well give everything out in a survey because what is the point of playing a game to progress anymore ? they have to reduce the cost coz its hard farming dungeons SOLO on low level…come on guyz…theres not much players on low levels now…pls be considerate…OR maybe best solution is SERVER MERGE..

also sort your instability out before you bring more content out that were just gonna DC in halfway through Blade & Soul. Many people have been complaining about such client issues since our alpha tests almost a year ago. Buy Blade and Soul Gold All they’ve ever done with such reports, is ignore them. Many people keep saying they quit due to poor performance compare to other games, but they just ignore all that too.

…stop spam farm and do better sytem for PvP like open world PvP or u will lose alot of community… This is a PvE focused game, with a bit of PvP sprinkled on it. They’d probably lose more players trying to force PvP onto people more, than if they removed PvP entirely. If you want a PvP focused experience, play another game.

most expensive of the Final Fantasy

Also 11 is interesting but because of the early bird concept, I could have, but will never, play 11.And anyone thinking it is just normal and OKAY, and disagreeing with me, I think, are easy to decieve in life.

I think my money is wasted where it could have been enjoyed far more buying a simpler game. And now I have another game on my list that I’ve spend time on but will never get the platinum.Even customer service sucks, and when I played, FFXIV Gil I couldn’t for the love of my life find out how to for example affix materia that I made. And you can’t even farm fucking experience points by killing monsters.

Players aren’t helpful, this game sucks.  I’m fucking DONE! Please think of something new for gear other than the same old formula it’s getting old fast. Where did you go wrong, Square Enix? Making a title that is at the same time the most restricted gameplay and most expensive of the Final Fantasy?  Buy FFXIV Gil I see the same thing with gear looking the same. Anyone who’s played from start is saying the same thing. 3 dungeons for stones, 2 primals and 1 raid, and 1 group raid.

Want a Scooby Snack for ignoring the rest of the things they release? Sooooo, just another patch to grind and still in Alexander? I cannot login no matter what I do, I have reset my account password twice and yet when I try to login, it still says Login ID or PSW incorrect which is very frustrating, is there something going on with the networks.

FFXIV Astrologian game play

1, it’s Astrologian, and #2, there are Exactly 100 quests from the moment you beat the lvl 50 Main Story Raid quest when you hit lvl 50. It’s essential story. This is a Story Driven MMO, if you don’t like story driven and just want pretty graphics with no real plot, play WoW.

I’m not going to lie the quests from realm reborn to heavensward are pretty long. However, FFXIV Gil it’s a very vital part of the story that leads into the next expansion. And it’s astrologian. Pls. This game isn’t even super Grindy compared to black desert. Like what? On top of that I also feel like newbies shouldn’t have it completely easy. If they got rid of the vital story and completely removed all those quests leading up into the next expansion you’ll be completely undergeared and under leveled. If you don’t like it then leave.

There’s this thing called build up….  It’s sooo sooo difficult to level… I don’t want to earn anything, Buy FFXIV Gil I just want to run around aimlessly like it’s an FPS and shoot at things…. ;( Dude, get over it. Put the time in, level, get to your goal and stop complaining. It’s supposed to be difficult, it’s an MMORPG.

Every expansion is anti climatic….only one…hasnt even played it. If you want to skip everything and be on the same level as veteran/seasoned players, I would suggest playing Destiny.  oh god, quit the belly aching and just do the quests, there are thousands of players that have, get over yourselves, you’re not special.

one-year anniversary of FFXIV Heavensward

Today marks the one-year anniversary of Heavensward! Thank you for joining us on this journey, adventurers! except for us who had early access. A year was on the 19th. You needed that early access just to get thru Mog quests. Early access was amazing. FFXIV Gil Christopher Wright By which we mean, with Early Access, you probably got through them just in time for Moogle beast tribe quests…

Grinding all the new classes that first night with everyone else in Eastern La Noscea was epic. Christopher Wright those moogle quests. I loved the gripping story it always brought me back every day and I was so excited to see what would happen next. I cannot wait for the next expansion! ARR was great, Heavensward was AMAZING! The Dragonsong War finale in 3.3 solidified this game as my top MMO ever, and my 2nd fav rpg of all time (under Chrono Trigger.) Epic game, epic story, so much fun! Thank you!

The cutscene just before fighting Nidhogg made us all look like complete badasses lol replayed it like 5 times. Lol definitely.Buy FFXIV Gil Then don’t even get me started on the actual Nidhogg fight or the scenes afterward… so many feels. I actually teared up lol. It’s so good. Oh and the music…. wow.

Yea they did way better with HW than ARR, even though both were fantastic.  I just came back to the game and just bought the expansion last weekend. I still haven’t made it to level 50 yet so I got plenty to keep me busy. And then 100 ish quests AT 50 to get you to the starting point of HW.Happy one year anniversary! I remember how excited I was and nervous all at the same time! Lol ☺️ amazing story! Even more amazing maps and jobs and music! Thank you SE!! And here’s to another year with you!

FFXIV FC headhunters

SE, how is it all the long hair style that stick through high collar body gears and the robe that stick through the chocobo’s body passed your quality check? The community was warned that long hairstyles and robes would have clipping issues, and requested them regardless. Thats how I wear my clothes actually with my hair sticking through my clothes so to me it makes alot of sense.

Housing was gone in 20 minutes on my server. What a joke. FC headhunters bought them all up to flip them for ridiculous prices. Fail system. What a waste of resources. FFXIV Gil This neighbourhood thing seems like a flop to me xD one of the reasons that keeps me away from the game is that no matter how hard I work I will probably never get a house and worked a hell of alot.

They need to rethink this neighbourhood idea, especially when they have content tied behind ow ing a house (guild stuff) Cheap FFXIV Gil.If you are making people pay monthly then you should at least make it so they have access to all your features instead of the daylight robbery that currently happens xD.

What content in the game is based on owning a house lol.  Do you not need a guild house first before you can get an airship? That was my understanding of it at least xD.Maybe if you guys would put a limit on houses an account can own…I worked so damn hard to try and get a house…but they were all gone. Weeping city was fun, till we got to the second boss, then everything went to hell and the group I was with gave up. Not saying it was bad, but I am saying that you should change the vote abandon option to allow the player(s) that said “yes” get removed from the duty to allow players who would help out join or something. I hate getting kicked out of raids or whatnot because of people who know the strategy, but don’t tell new people, resulting in multiple wipes before they ultimately win everyone over with their quitterness..

I played Blade and Soul for a week

Personally I’m loving the idea of giving more gamers the ability to play together finally, it’s what we’ve all wanted for years since online gaming became a thing.Even if it still means you have to buy the different software for each platform, just the idea of being able to connect with a bigger player base than just restrictive as it is now i.e pc gamers with pc gamers, console X or Y with their respective counter parts, would be an awesome and welcomed experience.I really enjoy the fact I can login on FINAL FANTASY XIV and the community is made up of pc and console gamers on the same servers.

I would love to see things like Tom Clancy’s The Division, Need for Speed and plenty of the current existing multiplayer games go cross platform and cross network, heck even Blade & Soul has the option for gamepad game play…Maybe with this we could even see an end to EU/NA/whatever server separations and literally play together as a world community?  Joining a Free Company has definitely improved my fun factor, FFXIV Gil so that would be something I suggest. Beyond that, there is still a lot to do in the game. With four hours a day, you can do some Roulettes and Main Scenario Quests depending on what you feel like doing on any given day. I agree with the above commend that raids don’t take too long.

I played Blade and Soul for a week and found the story writing to be pretty bland. The itemization and crafting system also seemed pretty convoluted to me. Gonna repeat Jedah, but you can do raids with 4 hours a day. I had a nice static for awhile that literally do that on Saturdays and Sundays. We rarely went over time and sometimes went under. Progressed pretty well. 4 hours a day is plenty of time to do stuff in the game. There’s tons to do even if it’s not raiding. The game caters very well to casual players (myself included). Find a friendly FC and you’ll make new friends quickly. Buy Cheap FFXIV Gil What everyone else is saying. I only have 3 or so hours a day and more time on the weekends and I’m in a midcore static that meets 3x a week for raids plus I do all my dailies for capping lore and such. As long as you find a consistent group you should be fine smile emoticon try a helpful FC or small static.

Yes, find a FC that had personality rather than big numbers. You don’t have to raid to play this game, I know a few crafters who only craft and they get by just fine and find themselves constantly helping others and finding new friends along the way. Honestly? No. Unless you’re very social or VERY patient, the game will probably frustrate you endlessly. frown emoticon I know it’s driven me away repeatedly with its forced raids and strong focus on making ‘friends’. Well…my honest answer is no…if you have no friends and you cant raid…whats the point on end game? Grind for gear just for fun?this game is meant to play with friends and raid…