How to earn more using blogger and wordpress?

How to earn more using free blogger and wordpress? I don’t wanna spend so much money creating a personal website that has nothing in returns. I know that there are so many people enjoying to earn using free blogs, how can I too?

I think they created a site that sells WordPress themes. A lot of people are doing this but i think the success rate is low.

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Link factors affecting website ranking

Impact your site’s ranking by many factors, optical links accounted for 60%, the importance of links naturally self-evident. Therefore, webmasters are very hard for their own websites everywhere link will always find ways of increasing the chain, but not all outside the chain of great help to improve the website ranking below A5 SEO diagnosis optimization team to do SEO diagnosis instance to the customer and talk about links that affect your site’s ranking What? affect what kind of link to the website ranking rs money?

The total number of links

The total number of links believe webmasters shall not familiar with it, to believe that this is each webmaster to do daily work, and may also record it, and even one day a few number of links will clear checked daily link, although the number of websites ranked necessarily good, but A5 SEO optimized diagnostic group in the diagnostic site to the customer, it turns out, ranking good website, the number of links will not too small, a ranking of the site only a few hundred links, or dozens of links not good, basically link ranking is slightly better, therefore, A5 SEO optimized diagnostic group usually customers The site has done a comprehensive diagnosis, and then points, increase the construction of the link.

The total number of domain names

To the customer to make a diagnosis, it is found that they understand the concept of the total number of domain names is not clear, and some simply do not know on behalf of the mean, in fact, refers to external links from a number of independent domain name, in general, the total number of domain names much less than the total number of links, such as a website there are many pages link to your site, your site can be in the same blog, or forum, leave a lot of links are also external links, but are from the same domain name. External links if your site has a lot of domain names, then the total number of domain names on the website ranking will naturally be greater than the total number of links, after all, strength in numbers thing, the power of a website, no role to play , but thousands of such small sites, then its value is greater than the absolute high of a weight website link.

The number of high quality links

Just said the total number of links and more is better than less is better, but if your Total links in the many tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, but it comes from a number of forums, BSP blog or blog post link, , such a link is not terrible, the quality is very low, you check his links total number of domain names may not cross a few hundred or a few thousand, so do not be discouraged, I wanted to catch it is not difficult, but if you no matter what tool to check links are heavily weighted to the classification of information, and even some Sina, Yahoo level high weight links, then, even if the total number of website links is not much, but if you want more than he, nor easy. A5 SEO optimized diagnostic group on so often encounter the client site such a problem, although the total number of links, but the quality is very low, the ranking has been unsatisfactory to Diablo 3 account .

These are some of the A5 SEO diagnostic Optimization Team encountered several implications to the customer site diagnosis website ranking link, in the hope webmasters in the future not only for the number of links away to add a link station which, it must be focus on quality links, as well as the number of domain name is also linked extensive, and I also hope after diagnosis A5 SEO diagnostic Optimization Team website as far as possible in accordance with the A5 Webmaster Web SEO team to the site optimization proposal implementation, and comprehensively improve website ranking and user experience.