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Looking forward to getting me one of them weapons

Give us more time to obtain these please?
Idk what the max rate of obtaining the ore is but 10k sounds like an awful lot.

Is the chance of getting ore and the diamonds higher on higher level rocks?

Is there a better chance of getting blueprints from higher level monsters? Blueprints are available for players with free runescape accounts.

Why do these promotions never include level 80+ stuff? Really, they look nice but they may as well be cosmetic for a huge portion of the player base. Useless to me really. How about whacking another tier on top of them huh?


wildy plus free trade

As we know. A lot of ppl quit runescape when jagex removed wildy plus free trade. And a lot of people when jagex removed bounty hunter. So.if rs won’t bring widy n f trade back. Say gf to rs. Many ppl back to play. (I mean old players). Cos off the voteing. (I hate pking with ep ). Ep sucks. I had cheap runescape accounts 100 ep. And my loot was 110k. !!!! Wildy n f trade or quittttttttttt  I definately encourage yes voting, not as bad merching prices (99 prayer used to be 70m…) and actual loots from people (kill them with full dh and whip you wont get some bad statuette)
January 8, 2011 at 4

Welcome to Chatitup cc
we are a free clan chat where anyone can join,
we support free players and members of all kinds,
but don’t think we will slack on selling runescape accounts the regular clan duties.
We are prepared to run a successful clan.

Our Players’ Gallery is waiting for your artworks!

Since this is the year for clans and since it is Clan Celebration Month, the theme of this Players’ Gallery will be ‘Clans’!You can use your imagination and choose your style of art from a range of concepts;  if someone on fb named No Limitz PVM wants to add you, don’t do it. He hacked my account and i got temporarily banned from runescape and jagex homesite because i was trying to recover my cheap runescape accounts. Whatever you do, do not add him!!!

Those of you complaining about getting hacked, it’s your fault. Don’t give out your info. Stop going to these sites that promise gp, armour, etc. Do you NOT understand they get the info from you that way? Take a little precautions, you won’t get hacked. Jagex has done and is still doing everything to keep your accounts safe and selling runescape accounts. And to those of you who are getting scammed, stop gambling. No one is making you fork over your hard earned money. It’s only your fault! Not the scammers! Wise up!

To the developers of RuneScape

Marks comments are true. I could easily destroy one pk’er if I absolutely had to, if and when my travels force me into the wilderness. But I’m not a player killer, and as we all know – if you kill one, two show up in his place (this is if you’re fortunate for this to be happening outside a multi combat zone), because they work in bands more often than not. I have no intention to interact with these pea-brains and it’s not right that I need to contend with them every time I head into the wilderness.

To the developers of RuneScape: Prior to the removal of pk’ing, there were pk worlds and non-pk worlds. This division provided a venue for those who wished to engage in pk’ing and also provided a place for those with slayer tasks a place to find green dragons, black demons and earth warriors without having to worry about bands of pk’ers interfering with their chosen methods of enjoying the game and selling runescape accounts.

hi rs, may I suggest one thing, as u know frost drags are so deadly if not paying attention just for few secs. but the most annoying thing is losing items that are in the familiar, if we ever happened to died, its hopeless to get items back. Almost all players down there are using familiar to collect those pricey bones spending times n effort but with no chance of getting those items back makes them so pissed off … so plz help giving us some chances to get item in familiar back when we died.
When you brought pk’ing back to RuneScape, you created an imbalance in gameplay by providing pk’ers the opportunity to involve themselves in my non-pk activities. You’ve also created severe difficulties for low-level players to complete certain slayer tasks, opportunities that are unavailable anywhere outside the wilderness.

Please restore the balance this game had prior to buy runescape account or removal of pk’ing.

Guild War comment

Hey again! First of all, you’re not “playing it wrong”!! I think one of the coolest things about GW2 is that you can enjoy it in whatever way you want 🙂

I am not Lvl 80, through the story or Lvl 400 chef yet! I play regularly, but I don’t have time to “grind” or massively level my avatars… but my main character (a Norn warrior babe!) is I think cooking more often than she is fighting *g*

@Isabelle: I sooo agree with you on the whole Ascalon thing! I played Guild Wars 1 for years since it came out, and I love the world to bits. ❤ Have you read the novels?

I am in a guild, but it’s pretty much a “family” one. My brother is a huge gamer, and he had an online clan before Guild Wars. He founded the guild, and now his wife, her cousin, his friend from school, one of my online friends for years, etc etc. all ended up in it! It’s really nice. We usually just hangout in teamspeak and chat, playing the story together and sometimes do Dungeons.

We sometimes add random players to our party when we need a 5th, but it’s usually a bad experience. Some run ahead, get killed, complain that we’re too slow and then leave! Hmpf. I wanna experience the game, not grind levels! Once we met a really nice player, who was patient as well. When she I think) and I were dead and waiting for a rez, we chatted about dinner etc ^^ So sometimes there are nice people around. I think in general, GW2 is one of the nicest MMORPGs, people are very helpful!! 🙂

Helm Lardar

It is pleased to announce that we have a brand-new section on our website, consisting of the History and Lore of RuneScape. I have played runescape for a year, but I like writing Runescape guides very much. Once I am committed to sell and buy runescape accounts. Now, I update many rs guides on my blog every day.

Ideally, this section will contain all sorts of information about Gielinor’s past, deities, and lots of other interesting tidbits about the history of our favourite MMORPG. To start this section off, we have a new guide on Zaros, with all sorts of detailed information about this dark god. A huge thank you goes to Helm Lardar for sharing this awesome guide with us!

We always need guide writers too, so if you’re interested in writing for us, I invite you to sign up for a free account on our forum and check out the Website Content Submissions section for more information.